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Added by OMEGA345 over 9 years ago.

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Hi, I'am not sure how to select the "enhancement" option for "type" so I hope this is proper posting of this request.

Is it possible to have the Action Replay to have a "download" button much like the Gecko code tab has. Perhaps it can grab the codes from codejunkies or a like. This would be much helpful instead of having to manually input for the games that do not have codes at all for Action Replay or Gecko.


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Updated by pauldacheez over 9 years ago

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Dunno if CodeJunkies has enough cheats in its database for this, but if there is any good database full of AR cheats, this is an acceptable feature request.

Of course, if the world's completely moved on to Gecko codes and support for those is finally fixed, this'll probably be unnecessary...

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Updated by OMEGA345 over 9 years ago

I would like to have both options available as they are now. Some Gecko codes don't work at all, so I would use ActionReplay one's.

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Updated by RichieRoxas1 over 9 years ago

Could use too...

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Updated by shadoxfix about 9 years ago

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I just had a look at the various AR codes sites. Unfortunately none of them seem to allow you to directly get the AR codes using a Game ID. The Gecko codes use WiiRD as their source, specifying a Game ID will return the correct Gecko codes.

What would be possible is to "convert" the title of the game to the "proper" format and use that to get data from something like ARCentral. However this brings some issues with it such as having JAP in their title or version numbers, there's not really a reliable way to convert to those titles. The site owner might also not like you getting a whole HTML page (PHP in ARCentral's case) just for the cheats. (WiiRD allows you to get a txt file instead)

While it's a nice feature to have I don't really see it being feasible at the moment. If anyone knows of a site that allows you to get the codes directly; please let me know.

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Updated by skidau about 9 years ago

Definitely need to get the site owner's permission before getting Dolphin to download cheat data from a site. We had the WiiRD site owner's permission to download Gecko codes from there before we implemented the download function.

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Updated by AHeinerm about 9 years ago

There's also which seems to aggregate codes from several websites, including CodeJunkies, however the categories on the website seem to be buggy or inconsistent in most cases. Again there's no way to obtain codes by game ID. You would have to contact (as per website footer).

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Updated by reyvgm almost 9 years ago

Bsfree is just an archive. Check instead.

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Updated by OMEGA345 almost 9 years ago

reyvgm that site is amazing!


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