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Rock Band 3 - Emulate USB instruments

Added by exoplaxmusic over 6 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Rock Band 3

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The drum expansion was designed for Guitar Hero, and it works with RB3 too, but it doesn't have fully compatibility, because it doesn't have a keymap for PRO-mode cymbals. A good idea would be to create another expansion with the name PRO Drums and make the appropriate changes, maintaining the Guitar Hero drum expansion for Guitar Hero players.

Another good enhancement in Rock Band 3 would be a compete support for PRO Keyboard and a rudimentary support for PRO Guitar/Bass,

For PRO Keyboard: It can be mapped using the same way REAPER (an audio-editing software) emulate a virtual keyboard, using ZSXDCVGBHNJM for C1-B1 and Q2W3ER5T6Y7UI for C2-C3 (See image to understand:

For PRO Guitar/Bass: It's impossible, however, it doesn't need to make it playable, but would be good to make a way to these instruments seems to be inserted in-game, several people are custom songs authors, and it would be good a way to see if their custom charts are complete working in-game before to play/share.

I'm using r3695, but all versions of the emulator has the same problem.


#1 Updated by JMC4789 over 6 years ago

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If we're missing extensions from the menu under emulated wiimotes, then this should be accepted even if there is no one available to work on this for a while.

#2 Updated by megarockexe over 6 years ago

Hi. This is Koetsu/StackOverflow0x.
There's the attached screenshot of it working, as you've probably already seen. Hopefully it can be properly implemented in Dolphin now with some button support.

For reference, here are the Gecko cheats I made which are working for me on the NTSC version of the game.
$Fake Pro Keys (Player 1)
289E9B82 00000C00
0490B5FC 8086B771
E0000000 00000000
*Press B+A on P1 Wiimote to activate
$Fake Pro Guitar (Player 1)
289E9B82 00000410
0490B5FC 8086B74D
E0000000 00000000
*Press B+Plus on P1 Wiimote to activate
$Fake Pro Keys (Player 2)
289E9B82 00000C00
0490B698 8086B771
E0000000 00000000
*Press B+A on P1 Wiimote to activate
$Fake Pro Guitar (Player 2)
289E9B82 00000410
0490B698 8086B74D
E0000000 00000000
*Press B+Plus on P1 Wiimote to activate
$Fake Pro Keys (Player 3)
289E9B82 00000C00
0490B734 8086B771
E0000000 00000000
*Press B+A on P1 Wiimote to activate
$Fake Pro Guitar (Player 3)
289E9B82 00000410
0490B734 8086B74D
E0000000 00000000
*Press B+Plus on P1 Wiimote to activate

This will override whatever was being read by the game due to the Wiimote controller extension setting in Dolphin. By just poking around at memory values, this address (00a8a440) will change what the connected "extension" is read as. It should be a 01 which means Guitar = Guitar, but changing it to 03 or 04 will make that extension always read as the keyboard or the pro guitar. And when it's simulated this way, the mapped controls let you play the track, to some extent.

That's the best I can offer on this right now.

#3 Updated by tueidj over 6 years ago

These enhancements don't relate to wiimote extensions; the Rock Band instruments are all USB devices i.e. it would be impossible to enhance the current Drum expansion to support PRO cymbals since they aren't compatible hardware.

#4 Updated by megarockexe over 6 years ago

At least for Drums, it's already listed as an extension in Dolphin's Wiimote menu even though the game uses a USB to connect it. The game wouldn't let the cymbals be selectable if they weren't being detected, so that's some progress.

The Pro Keyboard is bluetooth through its dongle and I think the same goes for the Pro Guitar but I don't know for sure.

#5 Updated by JosJuice over 6 years ago

The Rock Band drums are not available as Wiimote extensions. What you're seeing are Guitar Hero drums, which don't support the full set of 3 cymbals.

#6 Updated by megarockexe over 6 years ago

What would it take to get it to work though? I figure it's just sending slightly different inputs.

As it is now, when Drums are connected, they are read as "wii_rodrums" by the game, which are probably the GH ones. When the RB2 Drums are connected, it should be read as "wii_drums_rb2". But it might not even matter.

Right now, it is possible to hit the different notes, but just using different buttons. Like, the 1 button is read as a yellow pad hit while the actual assigned yellow button is the hit for the cymbal. If I set up some test notes, it should be possible to see which ones can already be hit.

#7 Updated by D0MINATOR2007 almost 6 years ago

Apparently, since it is emulating Guitar Hero drums, yellow is read a yellow cymbal hit, and orange is read a green cymbal hit (the rest are read as a tom hit).

on the wiimote, the drum notes are mapped like this, in the order of a typical RB drumpad: B 2 1 A (all are tom hits)

So technically, the blue cymbal is the only thing it's missing. So you can practically play using an actual Pro Drums setup if you wanted to, just that you won't be able to make use of the blue cymbal. :P

if this has already been discovered, I apologize. just giving a heads up~

#8 Updated by JMC4789 almost 6 years ago

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Unfortunately, emulating peripherals for only a few games is something that doesn't interest many people. Hopefully a contributor with a keen interest in the Rockband/Guitar Hero games will show up to finish the instrument support.

#9 Updated by Billiard26 about 2 years ago

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  • Subject changed from Complete Rock Band 3 PRO Instruments support to Rock Band 3 - Emulate USB instruments

I don't expect this to ever be completed due to lack of interest.

#10 Updated by jdk_13 about 2 years ago

I wish Keyboard was emulated. I wish I knew how to program and add the extensions. Maybe I should look into it.

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