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EFB to RAM w/ AF produces incorrect shading visuals in certain scenes (The Last Story)

Added by keller.g over 6 years ago.

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Game Name?
The Last Story

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What's the problem? Describe what went wrong in few words.
EFB to RAM with AF produces incorrect shading visuals in certain scenes.

What did you expect to happen instead?
Correct shading/visuals using the more-accurate emulation option (EFB to RAM), instead of the hack-ish option (EFB to Texture)

What steps will reproduce the problem?
This is clearly scene in the courtyard of the castle, first seen during the "ball security" chapter.

Important settings are EFB to RAM, and AF 8x or higher. Adding AA on top of that magnifies the effect even further.

1.Load save state from here:
2. Observe incorrect shading, especially on walls and scenery
3. Switch to EFB to Texture and observe correct (or at least more-correct) shading

Dolphin 3.5 and 3.5-367 are old versions of Dolphin that have
known issues and bugs, so don't report issues about them and test the
latest Dolphin version first.
Which versions of Dolphin did you test on?

Does using an older version of Dolphin solve your issue? If yes, which
versions of Dolphin used to work?
Will bisect to check on this, TBA.

What are your PC specifications? (including, but not limited to: Operating
System, CPU and GPU)
Intel i5 4690K running at 4.5 GHz
AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

Is there any other relevant information? (e.g. logs, screenshots,
configuration files)
[Upload big files to a hosting service and post links here!]

Save state that shows the issue:

Screenshot of EFB to RAM:
Screenshot of EFB to Texture:


#1 Updated by JMC4789 over 6 years ago

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Using AF is not compatible with all games. I understand your concern, but, I do believe this is one of those cases where the enhancement doesn't work. I'm not sure if there is a way to make it better; but the pattern I've seen as far as AF problems (such as glitchy shadows/shaders in games) is to tell people to turn it off.

#2 Updated by MayImilae over 6 years ago

And never tell someone to reproduce a problem by giving them only a savestate. They are quite unstable.

#3 Updated by degasus over 6 years ago

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Uh, why is AF enabled for efb copys? I think we should force disable it for all affected util shaders.

btw, are both d3d and ogl affected?

#4 Updated by ZephyrSurfer over 6 years ago

I have a fix for AF it might affect this too possibly?

#5 Updated by keller.g over 6 years ago

Just checked, this happens in OpenGL only.

I figured a savestate would be the easiest way to get someone right to the problem, and I haven't had issues with them for some time. If that's not the right way, what is? Save file and directions?

Let me know what else (if anything) I can do to help!

#6 Updated by ZephyrSurfer over 6 years ago

Can I have a fifolog please?

Record a 2-3 frame fifolog and compress it(a zip folder or something) and upload it to another site and comment a link here.

#7 Updated by degasus over 6 years ago

Yeah, a fifo lof would be fine. Through efb2ram issues are usually catched within the fifo log, I'm able to see what is copied within this frame.

#8 Updated by keller.g over 6 years ago

I did as you asked. Bad shading is seen in this 3-frame FIFO record. OpenGL, EFB to RAM, 16x AF, 0xAA.

Also available in: Atom PDF