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[Feature Request] Ability to upload banners to the main site

Added by mbc07 about 6 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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In the main site we have the compatibility page ( and it uses game banners in the list. While we have many banners gathered in the past (, a lot of games got released since bannerget went live and these games don't have any banner. To make things worse, bannerget doesn't work with current revisions, and if you run it with an older, supported version of Dolphin, it fails to upload new banners (something changed server-side?).

My feature request is to implement bannerget functionality directly in Dolphin, that way we could get banners from almost all Dolphin users (not only people who know/knew about bannerget) and increase our banners database even more.

A quick concept would be a pop up (similar to scanning/compressing/extracting popup) opening the first time the user opens Dolphin asking if they would allow Dolphin to collect their banners and uploading them to our server. If the user says Yes, in background, Dolphin would communicate with our servers to check if the user has banners that aren't in our database yet and upload the missing ones. Running this check every time Dolphin refreshes the game list would be nice too (after the user granted permission) since it would assure we get Wii banners as well, since they only show up after saving in-game once.

In my opinion, if I had sufficient skills to implement that by myself, I would just silently check user banners and upload the missing ones in background, without bothering the user with any pop up, but since Dolphin is open-source, soon a privacy paranoid user would start complaining that Dolphin gathers user data without their consent...


#1 Updated by kai.mlchr about 6 years ago

I'm sure privacy paranoid users would notice it in a closed-source project as well. I suggest doing this check on client side. So if the user allows Dolphin to do this, Dolphin would download a list of the game ids (<-to minimize bandwidth) for which banners are already available, and would not upload a list (not even in the form of hashes of their banners, which doesn't make much difference…) of the games a user has.

#2 Updated by mbc07 over 3 years ago

Now that we have Analytics built-in, maybe it's easier to implement banner uploading in case the user granted permission to Dolphin gather anonymous usage statistics?

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