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[Regression] Emulated Wiimote IR cursor messed since 4.0-5942

Added by mbc07 over 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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What's the problem? Describe what went wrong in few words.
IR cursor from Emulated Wiimote is completely messed since 4.0-5942. When you set its bindings to Cursor X/Y/+/- (the default bindings) and move the mouse, the IR pointer does a lot of completely random movements

What did you expect to happen instead?
I expected the IR cursor following my mouse accurately, without random movements, like it was in older versions

What steps will reproduce the problem?
The issue is reproducible in any title that uses the IR cursor, but an easy way to verify is opening Emulated Wiimote settings and loading default bindings. After that, move your mouse cursor and look how messed the IR cursor will be in the indicator

Dolphin 3.5 and 3.5-367 are old versions of Dolphin that have
known issues and bugs, so don't report issues about them and test the
latest Dolphin version first.
Which versions of Dolphin did you test on?
Any version released after 4.0-5942 ( have this issue

Does using an older version of Dolphin solve your issue? If yes, which
versions of Dolphin used to work?
Any version older than Dolphin 4.0-5939 works as expected

What are your PC specifications? (including, but not limited to: Operating
System, CPU and GPU)
CPU: Intel Core i7-3630QM @ 2.4GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M @ 2 GB GDDR3
RAM: 8 GB @ DDR3-1600
OS: Windows 8.1 (Update 1) [x64]

Actions #1

Updated by JMC4789 over 8 years ago

It's actually working as intended (if I remember correctly?). What's happening is that it will follow any window that your mouse is over instead of just being relative to the game.

Actions #2

Updated by mbc07 over 8 years ago

Well, it works fine in full screen (just tested) but in windowed mode it's very messy. The IR cursor doesn't try to adjust itself only relative to different windows, but to any controls/buttons that window may have (if I hover over Dolphin's config button, for example, it assumes the button square as a "window" and move the IR cursor based to where my mouse cursor is positioned inside that square. This also happens with the taskbar and with the "charms" menu from Windows 8 (they aren't supposed to be treated as windows, are they?).

Anyway, this new behaviour is a little confusing (I thought it was a regression until you answered) and the old one is more consistent from my point of view (IR cursor position relative to your screen, like in a real Wii)...

Actions #3

Updated by JMC4789 over 8 years ago

I think it's a work-around for some kind of issue... maybe skidau can answer?

Actions #4

Updated by mbc07 over 8 years ago

Um... Ping?

Actions #5

Updated by MayImilae about 8 years ago

Tested, and it seems perfectly useable in fullscreen. But it's definitely worse in windowed mode than it used to be though - if you have multiple windows up it seems to grab very erratically, attaching itself relatively background stuff in bizzare ways!

I'd really like someone to explain why they chose this behavior...

Actions #6

Updated by MayImilae about 8 years ago

This new behavior is a lot nicer on my dual monitor setup. Testing in 4.0-5827 has everything off center, even in fullscreen! I'm starting to think this is a "rock, meet hard place" kind of problem...

Actions #7

Updated by JMC4789 almost 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fix pending

skid_au has come up with a situation that should make both sides happy.

Fixed in PR3387 ->

Actions #8

Updated by JosJuice almost 8 years ago

That PR's behavior is more intuitive than the current behavior, but it doesn't let me go beyond the window, preventing the IR cursor from reaching the edges of the screen depending on the emulated game and Wiimote settings. I suppose the solution to that simply is to reconfigure the Wiimote, though.

Actions #9

Updated by skidau almost 8 years ago

I have updated the PR so that the IR cursor can be moved off screen.

Actions #10

Updated by JosJuice almost 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Fix pending to Fixed

The change was merged in 4.0-8478. It acts as the version before it, except the emulated cursor is hidden when the real cursor is not on top of a Dolphin window.


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