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A/V Dumping Issues/Suggestions

Added by Fog almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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Audio/Video Dumping has been greatly improved compared to what it was previously, but there are some glaring issues at hand that should be resolved.

1) Some games with variable frame rates do not get video dumped properly in Windows

This is due to VFW not supporting variable frame rate dumping and the current implementation for Windows. Linux does not have this issue as it uses FFmpeg. The ideal solution would be to replace the VFW process with FFmpeg for all OSes.

2) Some games have extra silent audio at the beginning of the dump

Most games do not have this issue, but usually VC titles are affected by this (as well as some Gamecube games)

3) No options to merge dsp/dtk audio and merge audio/video into a single file

Right now, the audio is dumped straight from the DSP and Streaming Audio, without the use of mixers. One option would be to combine the audio files after dumping. Similarly, it could be done with adding the audio to the video.

4) Some games do not dump at the proper speed

Seems mostly related to homebrew or VC MSX games with weird audio polling rates.

5) OSX Video Dumping non-existant

On last check, OSX video dumping does not work at all. Perhaps have OSX builds have FFmpeg on the buildbot

6) More codecs/file formats

Would be dependent on switching over fully to FFmpeg. Would also need some new UI created and code changes to accommodate this feature.


#1 Updated by skidau almost 6 years ago

There is a pull request to change the dumping function from VFW to FFMPEG:

#2 Updated by Fog almost 6 years ago

That's my PR, this was just a way for me to list all the current
outstanding issues that we have with it at the moment.

#3 Updated by Fog about 5 years ago

Update on this ticket:

1 has been fixed in 4.0-8634.

2 still needs to be looked into, especially with the recent changes made in 4.0-8634.

3 and 4 are currently in progress under PR 3542 (the audio merging could be made easier once 3542 is merged)

5 will only require ffmpeg to be installed on the OSX buildbot with the cmake changes made in 4.0-8634.

6 is in the pipeline, but is not entirely important at this point and time.

#4 Updated by Fog almost 5 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Work started

More updates:

2 has been fixed by 4.0-8954.

3 has no progress.

4 has been fixed by 5.0-99

5 has been fixed and was made part of 5.0 (no exact commit/version)

6 has no progress.

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