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Issue transitions based on PR status

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Google-code had this while we were hosted there, and the GitHub tracker also has it. The question is: would we (want to) use it?
Perhaps not "write a command into your commit message"-style, but something more externalized (driven by the issue itself, or maybe a special comment on the PR similar to the rebuild/allow-merge ones).

Back on GCode we used to have a FixedInPR Status; what if we add a custom field "Related Pull Request" (or something along those lines) where a developer can add the PR number straight from GitHub?
For the bare minimum, Central could watch for merged PRs and trigger the related issues to be transitioned...lets say to close the issue right away (which would probably get some of the housekeeping taken care of).

Possible other things this could do:
- show a link straight to the PR so we can directly go there (might aswell be one of the issue links)
- (maybe, might be spammy) replicate pushes/commits or maybe even PR comments into the issue - but that could be annoying depending on volume (why? see next point)
- show a link to the most recent PR build from the buildbot, so an interrested tester or the issue creator themselves can go and download the build to give it a try (possibly accompanied by an explicit issue comment/update, see previous point)


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I absolutely support this. It made managing the issue tracker a lot easier!

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