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[Request] Utility to Extract GC Font from Wii/vWii

Added by Lucario over 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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The GC Font is necessary for accuracy emulation of Dolphin's GameCube emulator.

I'm looking for different solutions to add on Dolphin Wiki as some users don't have GameCube nor SD Gecko and therefore no possible way to dump GC Font other than having to torrent one off from internet.

I read somewhere that it should be possible to rip GC Font off from Wii and vWii (vWii because Nintendont proved it apparently).

There is hardly any user friendly app exists to dump GC Font from Wii and possibly vWii.


#1 Updated by MayImilae over 4 years ago

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While it is definitely beneficial to have the original fonts, and dumping from a Wii would be a big big help, I honestly don't know if this belongs on this issue tracker... You are essentially asking for a third party utility. We wouldn't allow someone to post here asking for new features for Cleanrip, why should we let someone post a request for a new third party utility? :/

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Huh, I can't change it back to new? >_< I'll just leave this as questionable for now. I honestly think this request is fine in this new location, but I can't mark it as accepted.

Anyway, font issues which having the proper files addresses:

#3 Updated by JosJuice over 3 years ago

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Dolphin now allows loading the font from an IPL dump even if the IPL dump isn't in use, so this isn't especially necessary anymore. What May says in her first comment is also true.

#4 Updated by Lucario over 2 years ago

I know, but Wii owners are still left in cold. Unless I'm wrong, there is GameCube font ROM in Wii as well that couldn't be accessed yet. I don't think you should mark this as WontFix, having a way to dump GameCube fonts from Wii is great for Dolphin, also awesome for Dolphin Wiki. Maybe not necessary, but "WontFix" takes away attention from ambitious developer than just "Questionable" or "New". You never have to mark this "Accepted".

#5 Updated by Helios over 2 years ago

You're asking for a utility unrelated to dolphin. Doesn't matter if you're intending to use it in Dolphin. This isn't a messageboard to ask for devs to do stuff.

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