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Emergency get-out-of-fullscreen key

Added by Lucario almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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There needs to be sort of "emergency escape" hotkey for big feature like fullscreen.

-Changed hotkey combination and forgot what hotkey for it
-Changed without original user's permission
-Bad hotkey combination without testing (happened to me)

I think hotkey is the only way to properly exit from fullscreen. Whatever happened to it, there will be a limited way out after going fullscreen without an "emergency escape" hotkey.


#1 Updated by Lucario almost 6 years ago

This should not replace fullscreen in Hotkey Settings! Add a dialog on the free area in there about list of permanent hotkeys for big features will be nice, even if it's just for fullscreen.

#2 Updated by pauldacheez almost 6 years ago

  • Subject changed from Permanent Hotkey for Fullscreen to Emergency get-out-of-fullscreen key
  • Status changed from New to Accepted

Hey, look, a new feature request that makes sense. That's rare.

Let's just hardcode Esc to always get us out of fullscreen. That's what I usually see for non-PC-game things that use exclusive fullscreen. (Either that or I have to use Alt+tab/Cmd+tab.)

#3 Updated by Pikachu025 almost 6 years ago

Alt + Enter is also a fairly common enable/disable fullscreen button combination.

#4 Updated by BhaaL almost 6 years ago

ESC and/or Alt+Enter sound like good candidates for that.

#5 Updated by JMC4789 almost 6 years ago

I'm kind of okay with this bug.

Think about it: if people are shortsighted enough to remove the hotkeys for critical emulator features and they screw themselves from it, that's kind of like survival of the fittest, right? I'm being a bit sarcastic, but I do find this quite entertaining.

#6 Updated by Billiard26 almost 3 years ago

Yeah. I feel like if a user removes their fullscreen hotkey that's their own problem. If we add a hardcoded hotkey someone will complain about that.

#7 Updated by MayImilae almost 3 years ago

  • Relates to usability changed from No to Yes
  • Issue type changed from Bug to Feature request
  • Priority changed from Normal to Low
  • Status changed from Accepted to Questionable

I agree with JMC47 as well. Even if a user overwrites the fullscreen hotkeys, it's not like a user will be stuck - the operating system will have its own key combinations to get out of such scenarios, such as ctrl-alt-delete. So I'm going to remove the accepted status.

#8 Updated by Billiard26 almost 3 years ago

  • Status changed from Questionable to Working as intended

You have Ctrl+Alt+Del / Alt+Tab / to get out of fullscreen.

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