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Crash to Desktop, seemingly random but mainly during loading [transitions] screens

Added by LordEnglish over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Game Name: Xenoblade Chronicles [Wii[

Game ID: SX4P01

MD5 Hash: 7a8ab73269be9a81a8fac07d2e9c5edb

What's the problem: Game crashes to a black screen with the mouse cursor appearing. Audio glitches, continuous stuttering. ALT+TAB to desktop shows error report:

DX11: TextureCache:CreateTexture failed in Texture Cache.cpp at line 175 Creature texture of Texture Cache

What steps will reproduce the problem: Not possible. Seemingly happens at random. First, second and third time happened as a loading screen appeared whilst transitioning to another area. The fourth and fifth times happened when I closed the in-game menu after changing equipment for ~5 minutes.

Which versions of Dolphin did you test on: Dolphin 4.0-8640

What are your PC specifications: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, i5-4670 @ 3.40GHz, 8GB RAM & GTX 980 4GB

Is there any other relevant information:

Internal Resolution @ 3x Native
AA @ 2x SSAA
AF @ 1x
Scaled EFB Copy checked, rest unchecked

Will switch to 2x MSAA and see if that resolves it as I read somewhere it could be a resource issue.


#1 Updated by LordEnglish over 5 years ago

Forgot to add that I have added both the HD Texture Pack and the Xbox 360 Controller Icons Pack

#2 Updated by delroth over 5 years ago

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Might be running out of VRAM? Unlikely given the GPU, but that could explain it.

Armada, any idea how to debug this kind of issue?

#3 Updated by LordEnglish over 5 years ago

I'll switch the 2x SSAA to 2x MSAA and see if that helps any.

#4 Updated by Armada over 5 years ago

I'm more interested to see if you can reproduce it without any AA, but I'm pretty sure AA has no effect. Looks more like an EFB cache issue.

#5 Updated by LordEnglish over 5 years ago

Played successfully with no AA for approx. 2 hours. Game just crashed though. It froze whilst my party where in battle; the screen stayed frozen on the game and the audio also froze and, I assume, kept playing the same second of sound (which sounded like fuzzing). I pressed ESC and quit the program. Dolphin then crashed (which it tends to do on exit of any gaming session, though not 100%) and I got the error:

The instruction at 0xfa022f56 referenced memory at 0xf18ce058. The memory could not be read.

Click on OK to terminate the program.

Not sure if it is relevant but I'll post what programs I was running during the game session:

Realtek HD Audio Manager
Sound Blaster Cinema
Avast! Free Antivirus
Corsair Gaming Software
MSI Command Center
Intel Smart Connect Technology
MSI Fast Boot
Killer Network Manager
EVGA PrecisionX 16 Server
EVGA PrecisionX 16

#6 Updated by Fog about 5 years ago

Can you try this PR? Might not fix anything but I want to see if it does:

#7 Updated by Fog about 5 years ago

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Removing from current as it does not seem to be a regression, and we have not been able to reproduce the issue.

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