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Sub-Categories for AR/Gecko Codes

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Lego Star Wars II has different Gecko codes for each chapter of each episode's completion, these being:

Story Unlocked
Free Play Unlocked
Story Complete
Free Play Complete
Gold Brick Complete
All Mini-Kits
Red Brick Complete

You can view them here:

Notice that the list is divided into sub-categories, so you know which chapter of which episode a particular code is for. The thing is, Dolphin doesn't take these sub-categories into account, so it ends up looking extremely confusing:

What I would like to see is for these sub-categories to be taken into account in the form of Another thing I'd like to have is to actually be able to make your own sub-categories to make things more organized. Here's a crappy MS Paint mockup to show you what I mean:

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#2 Updated by JMC4789 almost 5 years ago

Oh I'm an idiot and didn't read the full issue report :)

Looks plausible to me and a good feature to make things easier on users.

#3 Updated by Helios almost 5 years ago

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I like it. Dunno when/how this could happen, but I like it.

#4 Updated by Helios almost 5 years ago

The issue I see with this though is, how would Dolphin know what cheat belongs in what category? We could go by naming as the obvious solution, but names change all the time. And we would need to define a format, and who knows what the codes downloaded from WiiRD come down as.

#5 Updated by mimimi almost 5 years ago

No, the file format on geckocodes doesn't look like a problem:

For me it would be a problem how to do sections in the GUI. But i hope that isn't an issue for a GUI programmer.

#6 Updated by Helios almost 5 years ago

It's Wx so there will be tears regardless.

#7 Updated by JosJuice 11 months ago

  • Related to Emulator Issues #12101: [Feature Request] Organize AR & Gecko Codes With Dropdown and Radio Buttons added

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