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Recording a TAS with LLE + Memory Card causes desyncs

Added by Fog about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Recording a TAS with LLE recompiler (using Free DSP ROMs, unconfirmed with official ROMs), while having a memory card in either Slot A or B can cause either the TAS to only sync for the person making the TAS, or eventually desyncs further down the line for the TAS maker. Other users who attempt to playback these TASes might not be able to play it back correctly without it desyncing. Computer hardware may be a factor with these desyncs, but nothing conclusive has been found yet. Using a savestate from the machine which makes the TAS may be able to make the TAS properly sync for a user who attempts to playback said TAS.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Change your settings to use LLE Recompiler, with a Memory Card in either Slot A or B, then record a DTM file.

Which versions of Dolphin did you test on? Does using an older version of Dolphin solve your issue? If yes, which versions of Dolphin used to work?

5.0 with GUN, have seen it around since at least 4.0-5371. May be even older than that.

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DTM Files

HLE + Memory Card (hle test.dtm):
LLE + Memory Card (with savestate):
LLE + No Memory Card:


#1 Updated by Fog about 4 years ago

Wanted to add a bit more information to this, I've been looking into this issue with dragonbane0 over the past few days with The Wind Waker TAS which was recently unveiled. It also was brought to my attention by Lars_Hendrick on TASVideos that he was running into similar issues with GUN. I asked him to provide me the DTMs in the issue list, which confirmed my suspicions.

#2 Updated by Fog about 4 years ago

Me and dragonbane0 have found that the desyncs relate to the Memory Card SRAM not being stored in the DTM file. Here's a quote from dragonbane0 on what's happening:

"One of the choke points is that the SRAM for your memory cards is not stored in the DTM. It should be. The SRAM seems to contain the card flash ID both for Slot A and Slot B and the serial number and stuff like that. Not sure if it contains the card type as well, but it might, which affects card read/write times. Before the global user folder merge it will use the local folder of Dolphin, since we both booted TWW first it probably created the same card and SRAM from scratch giving us identical values. Since the global user folder merge all Dolphin builds use the same SRAM.raw file you got from whichever game you booted first afaik and the rest of your games use that then as well. Thats what varies between us. The game RAM has a copy of the SRAM allowing a sync if we share states, otherwise it uses the SRAM.raw file from the user folder in documents"

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