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Automatic aspect ratio detection nervously switches between 4:3 and some widescreen mode in certain parts of certain levels in Splinter Cell 1.

Added by madigens over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Splinter Cell

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In e.g. the first level, "Police station", in the stage just after you passed the burning building, you walk along a balcony until at the end, you can cling to a pipe to cross the street canyon. Near the corner with the pipe, the screen suddenly starts jumping between 4:3 and some widescreen mode. This stops after you pass the canyon. The next part where this happens intensively is the stage after you slid down the elevator and find yourself in a supply closet of sorts, where Lambert rescinds his street order and you have to pick the lock of the door. Go though the door and the aspect ratio starts to flicker hard.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

See above.

Which versions of Dolphin did you test on? Does using an older version of Dolphin solve your issue? If yes, which versions of Dolphin used to work?

I use 5.0-1316. 5.0 has the same bug.

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i5-2500, GTX970 (v375.10), Fedora 25 x86_64

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Savegame at supply closet:

spct.dff (4.52 MB) spct.dff madigens, 11/19/2016 12:34 PM


#1 Updated by JMC4789 over 4 years ago

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I was going to mark this as wontfix because games sometimes are weird like this... but the more I read the issue the more I wonder if the heuristic is doing something really wrong. Pinging the features creator for thoughts. If you could capture a fifolog of it switching, that'd be cool too because we'd be able to see what the game is seeing.

#2 Updated by madigens over 4 years ago

Both 5.0 and 5.0-1316 make it hard to produce a log because they flood the user with "expected x bytes, got y" dialog boxes... Maybe I still hit a switching moment.

#3 Updated by madigens over 4 years ago

This also happens in Pandora Tomorrow in the first level, where you see an enemy for the first time and have to shoot the lights next to him.

#4 Updated by phire about 4 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed
  • Fixed in set to 5.0-3305

Fixed by PR 5008, which was just merged as 5.0-3305

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