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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Goblin Wall - Mogmail) Read/write error

Added by tehMorag over 2 years ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

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What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.

Memory write error when opening mail mogmail in "Goblin Wall"
When you close the mail, you get a memory read error

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Tested on single and dual core option
Tested from in game save and from savestate before error read/write started (at boss, last hit to kill and move foward)
Disable "Use Panic Handlers" before you start

  • Go to "Goblin wall"
  • Beat the boss
  • Watch the myrrh cutscene
  • Mogmail cutscene starts up and you are given a letter
  • Open the mail to respond > Game gives out "Warning: Invalid write" error every frame in the log ( loops)
  • Exit the menu to go back in to the game > Game gives out "Warning: Invalid read" error in the log ( loops)
  • Screen will be black with some audio stutter >> Can not continue

Which versions of Dolphin did you test on? Does using an older version of Dolphin solve your issue? If yes, which versions of Dolphin used to work?

Dolphin 5.0-1351

What are your PC specifications? (CPU, GPU, Operating System, more)

Operating System - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
CPU - Intel Core i5 6600K @ 3.50GHz
RAM - 16.0GB Dual-Channel @ 1069MHz (15-15-15-35)
Motherboard - ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Z170-A (LGA1151)
Graphics - BenQ LCD (1280x720@60Hz) - 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 (EVGA)
Storage - 465GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB (SSD)

Is there any other relevant information? (e.g. logs, screenshots,
configuration files)

Error log with bother errors in it -
Can provide video if needed

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#1 Updated by Nar over 2 years ago

Issue started with version 5.0-540 (Dynamic BAT, PR #4146). Activating MMU causes the FPS drop to 0 but music continues playing.
In earlier versions, you could complete the dungeon without errors, but then the game saved to a different .gci file with a different header.

#2 Updated by JMC4789 about 2 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Questionable

This is definitely a valid issue of some sort, but the bisect is a false positive. MMU emulation just made the previously dangerous behavior no longer happen and crash the game instead, which is favorable.

I have no idea how to test this unfortunately.

#3 Updated by JosJuice about 2 years ago

  • Status changed from Questionable to New

#4 Updated by JMC4789 8 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Accepted

Confirmed. This no longer read/write errors, but crashes thanks to MMU.

#5 Updated by JMC4789 8 months ago

#6 Updated by Korados 7 months ago

Funny, I just wanted to post this. I'm glad this is here. It's still a thing! I just had this error again yesterday with 5.0-9466!
Is there absolutely no way around other than using an old version of Dolphin?

#7 Updated by TarnishedBones 6 months ago

bad news is it looks like you have to use an older version of dolphin to beat the level. good news is it seems like if you beat it once on the old version you can come back on the newer one and it plays out just fine for that character.

#8 Updated by JMC4789 6 months ago

I tried that and on the old build, instead of crashing, it corrupted my save.

#9 Updated by DrevasBellmare 6 months ago

I created an account solely for the purpose of Posting this.

After Multiple tries with the usage of v.5.0-9719 Dolphin to no avail, I went and used an old copy i happened to have of v.4.0-9224 of Dolphin, and following the words of JMC4789, I created a Copy of my Save file under GC USA in a diffrent folder in case. And then tried it again. Not only does v.4.0-9224 run FFCC faster then v.5.0-9719, it successfully passed and saved at the mailmoogle with no troubles at all. No editing or whatsoever needed.

Hope that helps!

#10 Updated by ThereIsNoNoobs 3 months ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one who ran into this, but I also can't believe it isn't fixed after this long. Guess I'll figure out how to edit my save so the game counts the level as completed.

#11 Updated by JMC4789 3 months ago

If it works in an old build, bisecting would help a lot. We've tried to fix it but there are a lot of games and it takes a lot of effort to debug an issue like this.

Any assistance from people who know how to play the game would be much appreciated.

#12 Updated by fantesykikachu 2 months ago

I don't know what DrevasBellmare did to get it to work, but i just tried 4.0-9224 and I still get save file corruption, just like everything before 5.0-540 (after which the game just locks up). I then went back and tested 4.0.2, 4.0.1, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0, and I even dug up my archived copy of 2.0, and all of them have save file corruption, (and in case anyone asks I deleted all previous copies of dolphin between tests and moved my "Documents\Dolphin Emulator" folder somewhere else so i was always starting from a clean state between tests. So no, there is no working old build.

If anyone whats to try and fix this but doesn't want to play the game, I can provide save states and FIFO logs from both 5.0 and the latest development version, and if need be I can dump the assembly in visual studio, or GDB but with both of those I don't really know what I'm doing.

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