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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7668EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalDistant objects appear blocky in Mario Kart Double Dash in OpenGL (Caused by 4.0-1288)09/17/2014 06:47 PM
7667EmulatorEmulator IssuesInvalidNormalMain window hidden in fullscreen mode when render-to-main window mode is active09/17/2014 06:41 PM
7666EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalNo video output shown until render window is resized when using EGL.Sonicadvance109/17/2014 06:33 PM
7473EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedHighFrame dumping broken in software renderer07/13/2014 01:30 PM
7455EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedLowdolphin-emu.desktop not localized07/06/2014 03:56 PM
7395EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalwxWidgets 2.9.4 not supported anymore06/19/2014 01:29 PM
7015EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedHighFailure to grab function addresses in OGL prevents application usageSonicadvance102/05/2014 12:52 PM
7004EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedUrgentvideosoftware-xfb regression in multiple fifo logs01/31/2014 01:42 PM
6956EmulatorEmulator IssuesWon't fixLowEnable use of Direct3D 11.1NeoBrainX01/29/2017 08:07 PM
6953EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedLowAdd documentation about Wii network files to Readme.txtJMC478901/12/2014 11:53 AM
6947EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalDon't use GL_MAP_COHERENT_BIT in the buffer storage code path in OpenGL01/10/2014 05:07 PM
6946EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalRemove vertex streaming hack01/10/2014 05:03 PM
6914EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalSonic Unleashed along with many other games is not showing any 2D graphics.NeoBrainX01/01/2014 10:29 PM
6875EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalRemove Zelda Twilight Princess Hack12/12/2013 10:46 PM
6859EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalClear shader cache on startup in OGL when shader debugging is enabled12/08/2013 01:16 PM
6840EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalFix locale issues in shaders generators properly11/27/2013 05:56 PM
6824EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedHighTMNT reboots when trying to load a save game11/18/2013 08:47 PM
6785EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedUrgentFigure out if we still support Windows XP or notparlane11/03/2013 01:26 PM
6784EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalNew Readme.txtNeoBrainX11/03/2013 01:18 PM
6779EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalScreenshots nonfunctional in D3D11/01/2013 01:14 PM
6548EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalCheck for GLEW version when building via CMakeglennricster08/29/2013 08:40 AM
6538EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedLowBenchmark Mode02/11/2018 08:22 AM
6499EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedLowExpose md5 sum via ISO properties dialog08/15/2013 11:26 AM
6497EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalShow a message if shader debugging is enabled08/15/2013 10:36 AM
6495EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalDo not write shader compile error messages at the top of shader source dumps08/14/2013 01:20 PM
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