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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
568EmulatorEmulator IssuesInvalidNormal[INPUT] Add support for analog shoulder buttons02/09/2009 04:25 AM
949EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalMispelling in /trunk/Source/Plugins/Plugin_VideoOGL/Src/GUI/ConfigDlg.cppdeath2droid05/11/2009 02:48 PM
1428EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalNJoy: Failure to detect certain analog surfaces09/17/2009 07:47 AM
1433EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalVideo plugins need better multimonitor support09/18/2009 06:01 PM
1915EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalnJoy plugin D-Pad "Hat/Custom" drop-down box broken01/02/2010 04:57 AM
2163EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedLowImplement GameBoy Player device01/30/2020 03:07 AM
2173EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateNormalText corruption in Pokémon Colosseum AND XD01/28/2010 04:14 AM
2363EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalGoing to fullscreen does not change resolution when rendering to main.02/25/2010 06:50 AM
2393EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateNormalAllow specification of custom directory for Wii save files (in GUI too)03/05/2010 08:48 PM
2619EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalOpenGL Plugin: Anti-aliasing broken04/24/2010 04:36 AM
2797EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalr5619 causes GCPad new to freeze DolphinBilliard2606/11/2010 05:38 PM
2967EmulatorEmulator IssuesWon't fixNormalReplace ftime() with GetSystemTime() for Windows builds in Timer.cpp07/25/2010 04:15 PM
3162EmulatorEmulator IssuesInvalidNormalGCN IPL: RTC thinks it's 201809/02/2010 05:28 PM
3176EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateNormal[GUI] "Skip GC BIOS" setting is forgotten09/05/2010 01:25 AM
3582EmulatorEmulator IssuesInvalidNormalTrue Crime: SoLA does not boot in JIT or JITIL11/28/2010 08:20 AM
3583EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalEverything runs too goddamn fast after loading GCN IPL11/28/2010 08:47 AM
3721EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalFramelimiter doing weird stuff in StarFox Assault12/17/2010 06:52 PM
4043EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalRock Band 3 refusing to save data02/03/2011 07:27 AM
4094EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateNormalAllow user specification of visible columns in game list02/14/2011 09:04 AM
4116EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalVideo settings for specific games need "default" option02/17/2011 02:21 AM
4130EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalDX9 backend says "Invalid call" when trying to resize the renderer window02/19/2011 06:29 AM
4142EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalGame names with Unicode characters don't show up in video profile list02/21/2011 07:44 AM
4220EmulatorEmulator IssuesInvalidNormalOpenGL: Anisotropic Filtering causes graphical glitches in Super Mario Sunshine03/06/2011 08:01 PM
4488EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalPost-processing shaders list needs to exclude some files05/10/2011 09:34 PM
4535EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedHighwxWidgets 2.9 from Externals does not build on Linux x86_3205/26/2011 05:20 PM
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