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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
9113EmulatorEmulator IssuesWorking as intendedNormalSuper Mario Galaxy - Cosmic Mario Shell is Messed Up Texturally05/03/2018 08:36 AM
9112EmulatorEmulator IssuesWorking as intendedNormalSuper Mario 11/21/2015 04:34 AM
9101EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateLow[Feature] Ability to select audio output device from within Dolphin08/11/2017 10:19 AM
9090InfrastructureIssueWorking as intendedNormalPlaceholder Text11/12/2015 09:30 PM
9089EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateNormalFeature Request - Capture at Native Resolution Instead of What the Screen is Stretched to (F9)11/12/2015 07:11 AM
9088EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateNormalSMS: debug boxes show up in "Bianco Hills - Secret of the Dirty Lake"11/12/2015 03:36 AM
9087EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateNormalSuper Mario Sunshine - Shaky Bridge in Bianco Hills11/16/2015 09:24 PM
9086InfrastructureIssueDuplicateNormalPermanent Login11/12/2015 06:46 AM
9083EmulatorEmulator IssuesWon't fixNormalFeature Request: Option To Turn Off *.ini11/11/2015 09:21 PM
9065EmulatorEmulator IssuesWon't fixNormalF-Zero GX - Credits Innaccurate11/11/2015 08:09 AM
9063EmulatorEmulator IssuesInvalidNormalOpenGL Multiple Shadows Related to Anisotropic Filtering01/21/2016 08:54 PM
8519EmulatorEmulator IssuesInvalidNormalSlight Video Playback Issue In Hot Wheels: World Race04/27/2015 10:47 PM
8513EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalFeature Request: Right-Click GCM Options in the File Drop-Down Menu04/26/2015 04:38 AM
8504EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalTextureCache::CreateTexture Failed04/28/2020 02:26 PM
8501EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalAuto-Resizing Memory Card Manager Window12/25/2018 06:46 PM
8490EmulatorEmulator IssuesInvalidNormalFrame Rate Issues Window Focus-Dependent For One Game I Tested04/21/2015 06:30 AM
8489EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateNormalImproper Rendering of Text04/21/2015 06:15 AM

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