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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
11922EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormal[Video] Vulkan and D3D12 crashing after 5.0-1134212/09/2019 09:52 AM
11398EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedLow[Netplay] Save host settings properly10/29/2018 09:10 PM
11270EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedLowManual updating won't update until Dolphin is closed 07/29/2018 04:38 PM
11127EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormal[Qt] Crash when starting emulation in exclusive fullscreen with D3Dspycrab005/15/2018 04:43 PM
10776EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateNormalSonic Adventure 2 Battle - Dual Core graphical errors and crash on Route 10101/13/2018 05:45 PM
10661EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalReal Wiimotes broken in MacOS High Sierra 12/07/2017 08:08 PM
10546EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormal[UX] Only show SSL panic alerts once per session 09/16/2017 09:16 PM
10545EmulatorEmulator IssuesWorking as intendedNormalUbershaders+OpenGL causes core to hang on Haswell LinuxStenzek09/15/2017 04:41 AM
10300EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalThe Qt UI segfaults on game launch when attempting to load InputConfig05/24/2017 11:54 AM
10175EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalIncorrect lighting in Vulkan on Project Zero 2Stenzek04/01/2017 11:05 AM
10118EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalVulkan aspect ratio detection does not work with Tales of Symphonia Widescreen Gecko code03/04/2017 05:49 AM
9575EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalHigh IRs break Gecko OS on Optimus laptops05/30/2016 04:56 PM
9559EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedLowMove compatibility rating to game properties window or remove itHelios03/31/2018 06:17 PM
9463EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedHighBuild 4.0-9158 breaks OGL shaders (MSAA) on AMD hardware04/01/2016 08:09 AM
9349EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalEmulated Wiimote config forgets which extension you selected when clicking "Configure"12/09/2018 01:44 AM
9064EmulatorEmulator IssuesDuplicateNormalDisaster: Day of Crisis crashing01/20/2016 05:01 PM
9033EmulatorEmulator IssuesInvalidNormalSupport portable.txt for Linux and OS X11/03/2015 05:18 PM
8706EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedLowWXWidgets doesn't support HiDPI on Windows/Linux10/04/2016 03:12 PM

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