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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
12417EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalNetplay does not import a game's TMD before importing its save data 02/14/2021 01:31 PM
11155EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalDolphinQt2 doesn't handle SIGINTs gracefully05/28/2018 08:06 PM
11134EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedHigh[Qt] Loading or making a state save breaks pausingspycrab005/17/2018 08:12 PM
11011EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalDolphinQt2 randomly decides to show all game list columns spycrab004/17/2018 06:32 PM
10961EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormal[Qt] Debugger has usability issues05/12/2018 11:21 PM
10960EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormal[Qt] Debugger Code pane has lots of wasted space 05/12/2018 11:21 PM
10959EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedLow[Qt] "Patch instruction" does not show preview spycrab004/27/2019 10:36 PM
10958EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormal[Qt] Game list still visible with Boot to Pause and Render to Main 03/27/2018 02:38 PM
10916EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalRender surface is partially hidden with debugger panel, Render to Main and OpenGL02/27/2018 03:16 PM
10485EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalES content file handling is unnecessarily complicated and wrong leoetlino10/26/2017 03:18 PM
10389EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalWii console nickname is not saved07/24/2017 06:15 AM
10269EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalRace condition with libogc and IOS reloads05/08/2017 10:40 AM
10264EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalNAND titles are not launched properly10/26/2017 03:17 PM
10244EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalES_DeleteTicket's implementation is completely wrongleoetlino05/06/2017 12:06 PM
10170EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalInstalling a WAD can result in crashes and "corrupted system memory"/out-of-space messagesleoetlino05/14/2017 10:43 PM
10160EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalNetflix Channel crashes at some point during loading06/18/2017 02:48 PM
10051EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalLaunching WADs is broken and crashes Dolphin01/29/2017 07:04 PM
10044EmulatorEmulator IssuesFixedNormalReturning to the System Menu from HBC is brokenJosJuice01/29/2017 07:04 PM

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