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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6656EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalNeed 2x versions of resource imagesMayImilae03/04/2017 03:22 AM
10161EmulatorEmulator IssuesQuestionableNormalIntegrate Command Line Options documentation into Dolphin's Help menu03/21/2017 09:37 PM
10163EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormal[Feature Request] Assigning controller ports during Netplay03/23/2017 04:26 PM
10175EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalIncorrect lighting in Vulkan on Project Zero 2Stenzek04/01/2017 11:05 AM
10184EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalWii U Pro controller crash macOS Sierra04/05/2017 12:22 AM
8731EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalProject M - infinite "Invalid Read from to ..." error messages with AXNextFrame hook type04/09/2017 11:13 PM
10204EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalBlurry line in the top left corner of Sponegebob Battle for Bikini bottom. 04/13/2017 11:02 AM
10208EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalDo not unload things when the Stop button is pressed04/13/2017 06:18 PM
10205EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalSound suffering from cracks since 334504/16/2017 04:10 AM
10216EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalTTYD Pause Screen Vulkan Bug04/17/2017 07:38 AM
10218EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalTAS Input dialog always on top04/17/2017 12:57 PM
10227EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormal[FEATURE REQUEST]Ability to select fullscreen refresh rate04/23/2017 07:03 AM
10126EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormal[Feature Request] Support MemoryWatcher/Pipe Input on Windows04/23/2017 08:18 AM
10176EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedHighcrash in Need for Speed Most Wanteddegasus04/30/2017 06:34 PM
10260EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalInsert blr and Insert nop sometimes doesn't work05/04/2017 01:00 PM
10262EmulatorEmulator IssuesQuestionableNormal[Mac] Dolphin slows down with external keyboards attached05/06/2017 02:26 AM
10269EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalRace condition with libogc and IOS reloads05/08/2017 10:40 AM
10279EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalInclude memory editor/viewer in regular Dolphin05/14/2017 11:14 AM
10281EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalUsers can tick/enable patches, cheats, etc. from the game properties page while a game is running, but they don't take effect until a restart.05/15/2017 02:53 PM
10237EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalVulkan + fullscreen + vsync = system freeze06/06/2017 08:56 AM
10325EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalVideos play at incorrect speeds in Tony Hawk's Underground06/07/2017 01:02 PM
10344EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalCan't reconnect Wiimotes while playing recorded input06/18/2017 03:59 PM
10350EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalBreakpoints causing different behavior06/22/2017 11:03 PM
10380EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalRender to Main Window interferes with D3D11 ability to enter Exclusive Fullscreen07/02/2017 05:17 PM
10383EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalFeature Request: Automatic Video Skipping07/03/2017 08:25 AM
10428EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalPausing with debug enabled breaks memory viewer then crashes games upon resuming.08/02/2017 06:46 PM
9961EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalDifferent MemoryCard Issues08/05/2017 09:54 PM
10442EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalMemoryCard Settings allow user to accidentally set A and B to the same file08/06/2017 08:45 AM
9966EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalTow cable is invisible in Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy08/07/2017 04:25 PM
10181EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalExpose Wavebird as GameCube Controller Option and via Native GameCube Support08/08/2017 08:39 AM
10182EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalDolphin crashes Video Drivers in D3D11 when loading 3D graphics08/08/2017 09:14 AM
9518EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalRockstar Table Tennis: Weird EFB Copies not clearing issue08/08/2017 09:26 AM
7970EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalVariable Throttle Limiter08/08/2017 09:34 AM
9809EmulatorEmulator IssuesQuestionableNormalPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Scaled EFB Copy Inconsistent08/08/2017 10:25 AM
8176EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalAction Replay hangs after 3 - 4 seconds with a memory card plugged in08/08/2017 10:44 AM
8021EmulatorEmulator IssuesWork startedNormalFeature Request: Live updating memory watch08/08/2017 09:06 PM
7840EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalPre-formatted User INI files08/09/2017 12:28 AM
9236EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalAvatar: The Burning Earth - FMVs played back incorrectly on D3D/OGL08/09/2017 12:42 AM
9341EmulatorEmulator IssuesQuestionableNormalMario Golf Toadstool Tour opening movie displays incorrectlyphire08/09/2017 12:46 AM
9586EmulatorEmulator IssuesQuestionableNormalStar Fox Adventures rendering artifacts and falling through floor08/09/2017 01:17 AM
7219EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormal007 Agent Under Fire - Savestate Inaccuracies.08/10/2017 09:12 AM
10363EmulatorEmulator IssuesQuestionableNormalPaper Mario TTYD Partner overworld sprite flickering08/11/2017 12:49 AM
10069EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalSonic Colors: Music Effects Missing on DSP-HLE08/11/2017 01:14 AM
9680EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalRayman Arena Cup 1 Round 2 Freeze08/11/2017 01:21 AM
8407EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalTemporarily Disable Free-Look when Emu Window is Inactive08/11/2017 01:35 AM
10452EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalUsing any of Dolphin's LLE DSP Engines replaces some of Pikmin's random startup noises with a weird noise.08/11/2017 08:08 AM
9342EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormal[GC] Resident Evil Chararcters invisibledegasus08/11/2017 08:32 AM
9316EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalDolphin Crashes after save/load states08/11/2017 08:34 AM
9203EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalOpening Wii Home Menu in Prince of Persia: Rival Swords causes Unknown Opcode (in Single Core too)08/11/2017 08:35 AM
10357EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalRecording TAS Input does not respect Wii Aspect Ratio settings08/11/2017 08:47 AM
10346EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalUnnoticed regression in Twilight Princess from tev-fixes-new08/11/2017 08:48 AM
8734EmulatorEmulator IssuesFix pendingNormalTemporary setting overrides from ie. GameINIs can be written to the global configuration on improper shutdown.08/11/2017 10:12 AM
9696EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalSupport Full SBS 3D output.Armada08/11/2017 10:44 AM
10352EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedLowPokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD All Gecko Codes Freeze08/11/2017 01:23 PM
10042EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalWii save manager08/12/2017 12:10 PM
8283EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormal[Feature Request] Ability to upload banners to the main site08/15/2017 04:31 AM
10468EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalFriend code is always 0000-0000-0000-0000 after formating the system08/16/2017 12:35 PM
9926EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalMovie: Dump frames AND audio into .avi08/17/2017 09:48 PM
9549EmulatorEmulator IssuesQuestionableNormalMonster 4x4 Masters Of Metal Graphics 08/17/2017 09:59 PM
9382EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalTextures get blurry in new super mario bros when changing IR08/18/2017 12:09 AM
7695EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalRewriting Cheat engine - Simplifying Finding Ram Values08/18/2017 01:02 AM
10368EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalUpgrades in King Arthur cause an Unknown Opcode panic08/18/2017 11:46 AM
10472EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalFeature Request : Ability to choose location of WFS ffolder08/22/2017 10:38 AM
10487EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalMajoras Mask (VC) Sound Disappears; Also Softlock08/22/2017 10:44 AM
10489EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalDragon Quest X - EFB Access Enabled crashes Map08/23/2017 04:47 PM
10498EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalMisplaced bloom effect in de Blob08/25/2017 09:19 AM
10518EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalSetting SIDeviceX via commmandline has no effect09/03/2017 03:03 PM
10524EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalCheat Search Does not Search MEM2 or MMU Regions09/07/2017 02:33 AM
10392EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalDolphin should inhibit the screen on Linux systems09/17/2017 10:37 AM
9448EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalDual Core FIFO log replay prevents Dolphin from being closed10/03/2017 07:28 AM
10348EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalFrameBufferManager crash when change internal resolution on Mario Kart WiiStenzek10/07/2017 04:25 PM
10578EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalShader compiler warnings since Ubershaders 2.0 (non-fatal)10/12/2017 06:35 AM
10592EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalCan't delete a Wii Shop account due to invalid Serial Number10/19/2017 11:24 PM
10597EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalBreakpoints "Active" and "Function" columns are confusing10/20/2017 02:04 PM
10132EmulatorEmulator IssuesFix pendingNormalBreakpoints crash game after stepping10/20/2017 05:14 PM
9216EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalAndroid: Enabling input overlay causes crash on Shield TV Pro.10/23/2017 10:52 PM
10612InfrastructureIssueNewNormalAdd a max-width for your adverts10/30/2017 03:44 PM
10631EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalKicking someone in netplay results in a “double-free or corruption”11/10/2017 10:18 PM
10593EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalGraphical bugs in Skyward Sword with AMDGPU and Vulkan11/15/2017 12:34 PM
10646InfrastructureIssueNewLowPossible incorrect rating on Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues11/18/2017 02:53 AM
10653EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalThe same OSReport log is output 4 times when debugger is enabled11/19/2017 10:09 AM
10664EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormal[Android Touchscreen] Add Ability to Lock Buttons with Gesture11/23/2017 05:29 PM
10682EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalCrackling at high audio amplitudes in macOS High Sierra (and maybe earlier)12/04/2017 04:52 PM
10645EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalUnknown Opcode in Xenoblade Chronicles12/09/2017 01:43 AM
10694EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalHollywood Squares Seams12/10/2017 06:15 AM
8493EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedUrgentBlock GPU Thread (4.0-5971) breaks Rogue Squadron 2's Targeting Computerdegasus12/11/2017 05:21 PM
9768EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalSome Wii homebrew are launched under GameCube mode12/11/2017 07:57 PM
10701EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedLowAndroid: Add cheat code-related settings and tabs12/15/2017 07:06 AM
9125EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalXenoblade - Incorrect Upscaled Lighting Effectsphire12/17/2017 06:20 AM
8258EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalBuildbot doesn't clean directory when files are removed.12/27/2017 07:25 PM
10751EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalNickelodeon Party Blast black borders around text12/30/2017 11:23 AM
9802EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalDave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 - Invalid Opcode Popups are either valid or ignored on console12/30/2017 10:59 PM
10754EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalGeist GFX OpCode Error12/31/2017 03:34 AM
10739EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalMonster House Freezing12/31/2017 08:57 PM
10753EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalDinotopia: The Sunstone Odyssey Improper Audio01/03/2018 02:19 AM
8175EmulatorEmulator IssuesAcceptedNormalDatel Discs Immediately hang on Single Core, intermittently hang on Dualcore01/03/2018 04:01 AM
10767EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalUpdate debugger views when loading savestates01/10/2018 04:41 AM
10777InfrastructureIssueNewNormalOn the linux version, If there exist a regular file (instead of a dir) called ~/user, the emulator silently fails to save/read its settings01/12/2018 05:19 AM
10783EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalAndroid: Pressed / long-pressed games are ignored once when scroll reaches bottom or top of game list01/12/2018 12:39 PM
8774EmulatorEmulator IssuesNewNormalScan Visor not scanning properly, unable to scan some objects.01/15/2018 05:35 PM
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