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Emulator Issues #6538 (Accepted): Benchmark Mode
Would be cool if Dolphin had some kind of act ... things that I'm forgetting about right now. 08/26/2013 12:19 PM
Emulator Issues #5725 (Accepted): Use native full screen mode on OS X
<b>Name of clone:</b> ? <b>Purpose of cod ... review, please pull into branch:</b> master 11/22/2012 05:40 AM
Emulator Issues #5666 (Accepted): Resident Evil Zero slows down after loading a savestate
1) Resident Evil Zero 2) After loading a savestate, the emulation speed drops by half (from about 35-40 FPS to about ... uns under Windows XP SP3, nVidia GeForce 570. 10/24/2012 07:43 AM
Emulator Issues #4709 (Accepted): Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Black Screen
1) Game Name and ID (as it appears in right c ... t;3.0&quot;, etc)? R7658 64 bit Thanks. 07/12/2011 04:35 PM
Emulator Issues #4564 (Accepted): Lag while running games from DVD.
<b>What's the problem?</b> Many games are to ... e emulator, allowing re-enable the option in Speed ​​hacks, this hack allows the loading time o ... is the same that is happening in the Dolphin. 06/05/2011 05:57 AM
Emulator Issues #3150 (Accepted): Add detailed exception report
Can be helpfull maybe add some informations i ... ch wants to help developers. Just an idea. 08/31/2010 12:19 PM