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Emulator Issues #11322 (Accepted): "Our House: Party!" mini games require EFB to RAM in gameini
**Game Name?** Our House: Party! **Game ID?** (right click the game in the game list, properties, info tab) SHPE5G **MD5 Hash?** (right click the game in the game list, properties, info tab, MD5 Hash: Comput ... what went wrong.** In any of the painting games, the paint doesn't show up and makes the minigames unplayable. Tried to play with Direct3D 11, ... ll reproduce the problem?** Entering the "games" section after going to the title screen an ... Trim" or "Paint yourself into a corner" minigame will demonstrate how it is just not possible ... * Not really, but I did notice that other games have an issue with drawing minigames as well, like in Wario Ware, several drawing ... 08/03/2018 08:17 PM
Emulator Issues #11286 (Accepted): Gamecube Microphone in Slot A/B uses same input device as Controller Port 1/2
**What's the problem? Describe what went wron ... his is a known issue and stated in the mario party 7 wiki. But the main issue here, is that onl ... MicButton(slot); //it's falsely using the GameCube slot index as GCPad controller index ~~ ... eps will reproduce the problem?** Config->GameCube-> Set Slot A to Microphone and go to mic ... s be the one from Controller Port 0 Config->GameCube-> Set Slot B to Microphone and go to mic ... version?** Yes 5.0 Thanks in advance ;) 07/14/2018 07:58 PM
Emulator Issues #11208 (New): Netplay: Manage controller setup from Netplay menu
**Game Name?** (All) **What's the problem? De ... e controller assignments used in the Netplay game. Synchronize controller setups across users, especially Wii Remote attachments. 06/08/2018 04:28 AM
Emulator Issues #11185 (New): TAS input cannot control IR rotation
Game: Wii Party Game ID: SUPP01 MD5 Checksum: a8e6e6df84d023a6eb4291031b308857 Over the course of TASing Board Game Island of Wii Party, I eventually discovered when attempting to TAS the minigame "Friendly Face-Off" that the WiiMote orienta ... tsoever. Reproduction steps: 1. Open Wii Party. 2. Enter the minigame "Friendly Face-Off", whether that be through the minigames menu or a "Party Game". 3. Attempt to use TAS input to alter the ... GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 710 2GB RAM: 8GB DDR3 06/01/2018 10:43 AM
Emulator Issues #11058 (Accepted): Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party and other dance mat games have broken input
**Game Name?** 1. Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2. Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves 3. Dancing Stage Hottest Party **Game ID?** (right click the game in the game list, properties, info tab) 1. RDDEA4 (00 ... 2585350) **MD5 Hash?** (right click the game in the game list, properties, info tab, MD5 Hash: Comput ... problem? Describe what went wrong.** Some games will automatically move the selected option ... happens even beyond the main menu. Multiple games (across regions) have been tried for this i ... not present on the following: * DDR Hottest Party 2 (US) * DDR Hottest Party 3 (US) * DDR Music Fit (JPN) * DDR hottest party 4 (EU) * DDR II (US) **What steps will r ... ard default mappings, or configuring using a ... 05/03/2018 02:48 AM
Emulator Issues #10751 (New): Nickelodeon Party Blast black borders around text
**Game Name?** Nickelodeon Party Blast **Game ID?** GN9E70 **MD5 Hash?** 5dc69a ... menu after the first loading screen, and the game will asks you about autosaving and which mem ... savestates)** Here's some footage of the game being played on console, where you can see n ... : 12/30/2017 11:14 AM
Emulator Issues #9749 (New): After upgrading to Dolphin 5.0, all games show a black screen only
**Game Name?** Multiple games. Games tested include: Mario Party 4 Mario Party 6 F-Zero GX The Wind Waker F1 2002 **Game ID?** (right click the game in the game list, properties, info tab) Multiple games. Games tested include: GMPP01 (Mario Party 4) GP6P01 (Mario Party 6) GFZE01 (F-Zero GX) GZLP01 (The Wind Wak ... (F1 2002) **MD5 Hash?** (right click the game in the game list, properties, info tab, MD5 Hash: Compute) Multiple games. Games tested include: ed604c3a345138ac84ea809fb023a73f (Mario Party 4) e4015f1a9f6259528773e5235c8bec63 (Mario ... 08/14/2016 01:00 AM
Emulator Issues #9309 (New): Aspect Ratio for Wii games via gameini/properties doesn't work
**Game Name?** Any Wii game **What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.** Going into properties of any Wii game it shows me an option to enable-disable-default Widescreen on the game. I'm trying to disable Widescreen for Mario Party 8 (as I don't like the decorated side bars; I'd rather have black bars), but it happens on any Wii game I tried disabling Widescreen and it added this to the gameini: [Wii] WideScreen = False Enabling ... Dolphin settings) which deletes it from the gameini. Enabling or disabling Widescreen on properties or gameini doesn't work; it will always use default ... ini isn't even mentioned in the [Unofficial] gameini guide **What steps will reproduce th ... Dolphin's Config and manually set a specific game... 01/30/2016 07:24 AM
Emulator Issues #9270 (New): Crash to Desktop ... t mainly during loading [transitions] screens
Game Name: Xenoblade Chronicles [Wii[ Game ID: SX4P01 MD5 Hash: 7a8ab73269be9a81a8fac07d2e9c5edb What's the problem: Game crashes to a black screen with the mouse cur ... nd fifth times happened when I closed the in-game menu after changing equipment for ~5 minutes ... read somewhere it could be a resource issue. 01/17/2016 01:38 AM
Emulator Issues #9196 (New): Dolphin (Debug) ... the code window, set a breakpoint, stop the game, and then go back to the code window and attempt to change the address without starting another game.
All is in the title. Tested with The Smurf's Dance Party, but seems to happen in any game I try. 12/22/2015 07:21 PM