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Emulator Issues #11876 (New): [Feature Request] Load game into RAM
I store my images on a NAS and I have a big s ... d) and it does actually help with load times. 10/13/2019 06:37 PM
Emulator Issues #11852 (New): 30fps games los ... 60hz displays (stutters/frame pacing issues)
**Game Name?** Super Mario Sunshine, Zelda ... t Operating Systems and 3 different monitors. 09/10/2019 07:33 PM
Emulator Issues #11798 (New): Star Fox Adventures Freezing at cutscenes
**Game Name?** Star Fox Adventures [USA] ... CPU Stepping: 0x9 CPU Type: 0x0 Speed: 4800 Mhz 4 logical processors 4 ... 3897 Mb VR Headset: None detected ~~~ 07/15/2019 05:26 PM
Emulator Issues #11761 (New): Arc Rise Fantasia crashes after the first tutorial battle
**Game Name?** Arc Rise Fantasia **G ... nd 5...which is a LOT of ground to cover. 06/10/2019 08:45 PM
Emulator Issues #11723 (New): The Dodger Demo runs at half speed unless the debug HUD is enabled
**Game Name?** [The Dodger Demo] **Ga ... nt wrong.** [The Dodger Demo runs at half speed (Dolphin boots the game at an initial 120 VP ... efiles, savestates)** [Anything else here] 05/10/2019 02:58 AM
Emulator Issues #11713 (Accepted): Hot Wheels ... doesn't boot when wii remotes are connected.
**Game Name?** [Hot Wheels: Beat That!] ... efiles, savestates)** [Anything else here] 05/04/2019 05:08 PM
Emulator Issues #11709 (Questionable): Hunter: The Reckoning has strange slowdown after 5.0-9869
**Game Name?** Hunter: The Reckoning ... me drops in performance to around 70-80% max speed when the camera pans low to show more of the ... w is the spot that you can observe slowdowns. 05/03/2019 07:00 AM
Emulator Issues #11693 (New): 5.0.8009 causes stuttering with "Disney Epic Mickey 2" [regression]
**Game Name?** Disney Epic Mickey 2: the p ... tions, backend and so on but with no avail... 04/22/2019 05:31 PM
Emulator Issues #11611 (New): Bond games playing at half the framerate.
**Game Name?** 007: From Russia With Love; ... 30704196354050/554781765634490368/60fps2.png) 03/11/2019 09:45 PM
Emulator Issues #11607 (New): Juddering in pre-rendered cutscenes in Battalion Wars
**Game Name?** Battalion Wars **Game ... to fix it: * Dual core enable/disable * Speed up Disc Transfer Rate on/off * All of the v ... nd it showed the exact same issue on Dolphin. 03/10/2019 02:38 AM