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Emulator Issues #8721 (New): Memory checks don't work, or make Dolphin crash
<b>Game Name?</b> Any game <b>Game ID?< ... Paper Mario (0x004D05AF, selected save file). 06/27/2015 01:24 PM
Emulator Issues #8513 (New): Feature Request: Right-Click GCM Options in the File Drop-Down Menu
I like to have the &quot;Render to Main Windo ... access similar options the right-click menu offers in list mode, but adapt the feature to the GCM that is currently running as well. 04/26/2015 04:38 AM
Emulator Issues #7530 (Accepted): D3D11 Exclusive Fullscreen Enhancements
So with the implementation of exclusive fulls ... ll I have to say, really. Thanks for reading. 08/01/2014 12:09 AM
Emulator Issues #7143 (New): DualCore timing issues
<b>Game Name?</b> This likely affects almo ... core won't exactly be a solution to them. 03/31/2014 01:59 AM
Emulator Issues #7132 (Accepted): Odd timing issues in Conduit 2
<b>Game Name?</b> Conduit 2 <b>Game ID? ... o effect - Idle Skipping needs to be turned OFF for single player to work - VBeam Hack need ... slow speed/high FPS 2. Set idle skipping to OFF, VBeam to ON, IR to 4x and EFB-&gt;Ram, fram ... .org/Thread-conduit-full-speed-on-old-build 03/28/2014 11:38 AM