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Emulator Issues #9019 (Fix pending): Change Disc doesn't properly notify games about the disc change
Mario Party 4 has the "Tray is open" message when the cover is open on a real Gamecube, but this causes the game to crash on the emulator when changing the d ... fore resetting, preventing us from switching games programmatically (MP4 to MP6). It's a mundane feature since it's an emulator and not a real Gamecube, but not having it is causing us problems. 10/08/2015 04:02 AM
Emulator Issues #8606 (Accepted): Mario Party 7: Message Box Seams since tev_fixes_new
<b>Game Name?</b> Mario Party 7 <b>Game ID?</b> GP7E01 <b>What's the problem ... eproduce the problem?</b> 1. Start up the game normally 2. Get to a point in the game where a message box appears (Main menu and in-game) <b>Dolphin 3.5 and 3.5-367 are old ver ... GL, though D3D seems to have a similar issue. 05/29/2015 11:45 AM
Emulator Issues #8261 (New): Core/Core/HW/BBA ... it finds any improperly configured connection
Core/Core/HW/BBA-TAP/TAP_Win32.cpp GetGUIDs( ... t GetGUIDs already found a valid TAP adapter. 02/22/2015 03:27 AM
Emulator Issues #8104 (Accepted): Mario Party 5 wiggler capsule issue (unknown opcode)
<b>Game Name?</b> Mario Party 5 <b>Game ID?</b> GP5P01 What's the problem? Using ... problem?</b> 1. Get wiggler capusle inside Party mode (through luck or Cheat) 2. Use the cap ... 01/17/2015 11:49 AM
Emulator Issues #7743 (Accepted): Various Action Replay Codes and Gecko Codes don't work
<b>What's the problem? Describe what went wro ... any 4.0 development builds with a variety of Gamecube and Wii games. <b>Is there any other relevant inform ... ode specific buttons don't activate the code. 10/11/2014 10:53 PM
Emulator Issues #7230 (Accepted): True Crime New York City Crashes in a Variety of Ways
<b>Game Name?</b> True Crime: New York City - G2 ... ibe what went wrong in few words.</b> The game crashes during the tutorial when you do just ... To crash at least as little as its previous game. Which is also known to just randomly crash ... b> <b>[Don't assume we have ever played the game and know any level names. Be as</b> <b>specific as possible.]</b> 1. Start a new game 2. Try to complete the tutorial, I dare yo ... that may work. MMU Speedhack was on as the game won't boot without it. Screenshot of th ... will immediately crash in a similar manner. 04/24/2014 12:36 AM
Emulator Issues #7143 (New): DualCore timing issues
<b>Game Name?</b> This likely affects almost every game, but I'll list games that I've noticed problems on. F-Zero GX ... P New Play Control! Pikmin - R9IE01 Mario Party 5 - GP5E01 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - GZ2E01, RZDE01 Lego Star Wars: The Video Game - GL5E4F <b>What's the problem? Describe what went wrong in few words.</b> Within all games, maxing out your processor can result in a ... ven when dealing with audio issues. These games all perform perfectly on my computer when I ... ng dolphin) to cause stress that makes these games, and many others react strangely. The Le ... ngely (and sometimes not at all) and various game freezes if this happens at a transition. Au ... GPU stalling caused by vsync will crash the game completely. This seems to be unrelated in m ... . It tends to reset even if you can run the ... 03/31/2014 01:59 AM
Emulator Issues #6752 (Accepted): MVP Baseball 2004 and 2005 looks like a rave party whenever 2D is shown.
Game: MVP Baseball 2005 - GV4E69 <b>What went ... em?</b> <b>[Don't assume we have played the game and know its level names. Be as</b> <b>detailed as possible.]</b> 1.Start the game 2.Go to menus 3.Enjoy the show <b>Dolph ... ven Software Renderer gets destroyed by this game. ... how the full display of awesome that is this game. 10/23/2013 11:57 AM
Emulator Issues #5469 (Questionable): SSX games have issues with snow effect
1) Game Name and ID (as it appears in right click &g ... d, period (ground or air). <b>3) Did the game ever work correctly (i.e. not have this prob ... s will reproduce the problem?</b> 1. Launch game and get in-game with DX11 2. Obesrve the ground as you snow ... a on</b> <b>GoogleCode, so please use a 3rd party host for screenshots or any other</b> <b>fi ... 06/11/2012 02:23 AM