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Emulator Issues #12313 (New): Warnings from external projects while building
**What's the problem? Describe what went wron ... andible build]$ ninja [16/816] Building CXX object Externals/imgui/CMakeFiles/imgui.dir/imgui_d ... oid* memset(void*, int, size_t)’ clearing an object of type ‘struct ImGuiInputTextState’ with no ... ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [21/816] Building CXX object Externals/imgui/CMakeFiles/imgui.dir/imgui_w ... oid* memset(void*, int, size_t)’ clearing an object of type ‘struct ImGuiInputTextState’ with no ... post a full build log if it would be helpful. 10/31/2020 04:09 PM
Emulator Issues #12312 (New): CMake fails to find minizip2 on Arch Linux
**What's the problem? Describe what went wron ... ry as minizip2. However, this library is not found during CMake configuration: ~~~ -- Check ... nvaz/minizip) Ideally, minizip2 should be found on the system if it exists. Here is a lis ... ration files, savefiles, savestates)** N/A 10/31/2020 04:04 PM
Emulator Issues #12302 (New): Interactive Mul ... March 2002 Video freezing + (dualcore issue)
**Game Name?** [Interactive Multi-Game Dem ... es, savefiles, savestates)** [One thing I found is that, occasionally, if you turn on cached ... th MMU only enabled, it got a second further] 10/24/2020 08:58 AM
Emulator Issues #12250 (Accepted): NFL Street ... caused by unknown instruction MsgHandler.cpp
**Game Title** [NFL Street 2] **Game ... ff at PC=800fcdc last_Pc=812fffc8 LR=8018a63c 09/10/2020 12:44 AM
Emulator Issues #12193 (Questionable): Dolphin Dumping Garbage Textures
**What's the problem? Describe what went wron ... and sometimes blanks with gfx corruption. I found out it wasn't just me having the issue after ... 480 4GB, 20GB DDR4 2x16 +1x4, Windows 10 x64] 07/20/2020 02:28 AM
Emulator Issues #12191 (Questionable): 5.0-12 ... Screen Space Effects when Anti-Alias Enabled
**Game Name?** Star Fox Adventures ** ... ion (5.0-12320). I bisected versions until I found the change: * dolphin-master-5.0-12076-x6 ... o visual glitches for any Anti-Alias setting. 07/19/2020 10:09 PM
Emulator Issues #12145 (Accepted): Around the World issues
**Game Name?** [Around the World] **G ... it bisect.) [As far as i know, issues was found 2 1/2 years ago on the forums] **If you ... or deferred copy settings at all. 06/10/2020 12:47 PM
Emulator Issues #12137 (Questionable): Super ... - Sprites are layered out of order on Vulkan
**Game Name?** SUPER PAPER MARIO (Disc 0, ... it only exacerbates the issue even more with objects disappearing. 06/07/2020 11:24 PM
Emulator Issues #12128 (New): Nintendo 64 (GC or Wii VC) Texture Dumping and Texture Replacement
**Game Name?** Most Nintendo 64 titles, ei ... es) - Dragonfly: Fly Effect (Majora's Mask, found in several areas such as Southern Swamp or S ... mmit/2d712f2ae0482d7da3b49397902551addd676107 06/04/2020 11:12 AM
Emulator Issues #12123 (New): Framerate issue ... duplicate frames off and dualcore on on Zen2
**Game Name?** Pokémon Colosseum Metroid ... s report lower than normal framerates though. 05/26/2020 02:54 PM