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Emulator Issues #10348 (New): FrameBufferMana ... change internal resolution on Mario Kart Wii
**Game Name?** Mario Kart Wii **Game ID ... guration files)** Screenshot in attachment 06/19/2017 01:07 AM
Emulator Issues #9689 (New): TAS desyncs where DSP settings don't match prior to playback
**What's the problem? Describe what went wron ... ue most recently with 4.0-8246 when encoding 007: Agent Under Fire, but I have had this issue happen to me whil ... e Mis-Edventures which uses version 4.0-9199. 07/10/2016 11:36 PM
Emulator Issues #7219 (Accepted): 007 Agent Under Fire - Savestate Inaccuracies.
<b>Game Name?</b> 007 Agent Under Fire <b>Game ID?</b> GW7E69 <b>What's the problem? Describe what went ... there any other relevant information? nope 04/21/2014 04:52 PM