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Emulator Issues #12725 (New): Pixel Perfect / Integer Scaling mode
Hey there, Dolphin people! Lately I've bee ... ng it introduces more scaling on both axes... 11/06/2021 01:25 PM
Emulator Issues #12652 (New): After Playing GameCube Titles,this thing pop-up and any option kills the emulator
--------------------------- Microsoft Visual ... 0bd508dba91aaf37c48acd367 Using Qt 5.15.0 09/02/2021 06:22 PM
Emulator Issues #12636 (New): Aging Test report
**Game Name?** Aging Test For Production D ... I'll bisect the hang's behavior change later. 08/23/2021 03:29 AM
Emulator Issues #12617 (Questionable): Star W ... le bar on screen before and after intro movie
**Game Name?** Star Wars Bounty Hunter ... nishes, but if you have dualcore disabled it pops up briefly before it starts. **What st ... d except for software, the purple bar should pop up before the cinematic starts without dualc ... r should show up before the animation starts) 08/07/2021 10:58 PM
Emulator Issues #12537 (New): Resident Evil 3 freezes during gameplay
**Game Name?** Resident Evil 3: Nemesis ... y, the game will simply freeze. No errors or pop-ups, and Dolphin emulation continues to run. ... bleshoot further if you provide instructions. 06/05/2021 06:12 PM
Emulator Issues #12492 (Accepted): Ocarina of Time (VC): Unknown Opcode on reset
**Game Name?** The Legend of Zelda: Ocarin ... ode(0xff @ 0x2b7ff5c38c5, preprocessing = no) 04/18/2021 10:54 PM
Emulator Issues #12472 (New): Inconsistent crash when attempting to stop emulation
**Game Name?** Any **Game ID?** (righ ... to stop emulation, a C++ library error will pop up very briefly [so briefly that I can't eve ... logs, and where they are saved if applicable. 04/01/2021 07:30 PM
Emulator Issues #12458 (Accepted): Crash when starting multiple new games in Summoner
**Game Name?** Summoner: A Goddess Reborn ... at certain points. This presents firstly as popups with read/write errors though. **Wha ... and select quit. Read/Write errors question popups occur here. (Ignore) On main menu select ... sue. Please request more info if required. 03/24/2021 03:34 AM
Emulator Issues #12454 (Questionable): Unplug ... porary freeze exclusively in Eternal Darkness
**Game Name?** [Eternal Darkness Sanity's ... uration files, savefiles, savestates)** [] 03/19/2021 01:43 AM
Emulator Issues #12445 (Questionable): Feature Request: OSD Notification for Hotkeys
Dolphin gives out text popup notifications for actions such as 'saving ... no OSD notification like 'Dump Textures ON'. 03/09/2021 08:33 AM