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Emulator Issues #11953 (New): Pink/green lines (Wii) and flashing pink/green screen (GC) in Resident Evil 4.
**Game Name?** Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Resident Evil 4 (affects NTSC-J versions too) **Game ID?* ... e in the game list, Properties, Info tab) G4BE08, G4BJ08, RB4E08, RB4J08 **MD5 Hash?** (right clic ... button) ca749757e3b9d119f3feb1f9f0f81bd7 (G4BE08) 6b57d0ae0b872a50457276fb84d58cf2 (G4BJ08) 1235cb29693d7b52b63d60103a7d4f47 (RB4E08) ... ore) Core i7 920, GTX760, Win7 64, 8GB RAM 01/16/2020 12:04 AM
Emulator Issues #11786 (New): Prince of persia Warrior within - Green flickering bottom line
**Game Name?** Prince of persia warrior wi ... Note: Screenshot and FIFO attached. 07/02/2019 06:35 PM
Emulator Issues #9373 (New): Depth issues on Mario Kart Double Dash
**Game Name?** Mario Kart Double Dash! ... y forcing slow depth doesn't have any effect. 02/24/2016 05:44 PM
Emulator Issues #8899 (Accepted): White dots in game banners
We've discovered that -Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition (discovered by MaJoR) -Super Ma ... o dot unlike Windows in the latest dev build. 08/24/2015 02:32 PM
Emulator Issues #8470 (Accepted): Enhancement: Custom Cropping
The Crop feature often seems to crop out a li ... s of the game screen in certain titles. 04/15/2015 06:31 PM
Emulator Issues #7743 (Accepted): Various Action Replay Codes and Gecko Codes don't work
<b>What's the problem? Describe what went wro ... ode specific buttons don't activate the code. 10/11/2014 10:53 PM
Emulator Issues #7576 (Questionable): Dolphin ... aded with a post-processing effect already on
<b>Game Name?</b> Smash Bros Brawl, Resident Evil 4 Wii, Custom Robo, Eternal Darkness, Mega Man ... ing that is just inconvenient to work around. 08/16/2014 03:39 PM
Emulator Issues #5666 (Accepted): Resident Evil Zero slows down after loading a savestate
1) Resident Evil Zero 2) After loading a s ... uns under Windows XP SP3, nVidia GeForce 570. 10/24/2012 07:43 AM