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Emulator Issues #12744 (New): Hotkeys Are Broken
**Game Name?** N/A **Game ID?** (righ ... Let me know, I'll see what else I can do. 11/25/2021 01:54 AM
Emulator Issues #12740 (New): Gotcha Force Bug
Challenge mode can played just fine but when ... ons with no luck. Yes i tried different ROMs. 11/21/2021 03:07 PM
Emulator Issues #12725 (New): Pixel Perfect / Integer Scaling mode
Hey there, Dolphin people! Lately I've bee ... ng it introduces more scaling on both axes... 11/06/2021 01:25 PM
Emulator Issues #12723 (New): Game Resetting ... lready mapped to the D-Pad (as far as i know)
Today i noticed a possible bug on Dolphin, i ... Bros Brawl (not sure if it happens on other Wii games) and when it was about to start the ga ... guard every single time, but you get the idea 11/02/2021 10:38 PM
Emulator Issues #12709 (New): Dolphin doesn't remember pairings even with wii's dongle
Pairing memory is not working with J27H002 wii dongle I'm using 3rd party remotes and this ... for a very short moment and nothing happens 10/12/2021 07:19 PM
Emulator Issues #12700 (New): Multiple contro ... s instead of just specific player (Chrome OS)
**Game Name?** All Gamecube/Wii games **Game ID?** (right click the gam ... )** Let me know if you need any .ini files 10/06/2021 02:08 PM
Emulator Issues #12693 (New): [Rock Band 3] P ... listed as USB Passtrhough, but with wrong id
**Game Name?** Rock Band 3 **Game ID?** ... e pro keyboard, then going to configuration, Wii, add USB Passthrough device, then seeing a d ... 700 XT, Arch Linux. Also tested on Windows. 10/02/2021 06:46 PM
Emulator Issues #12688 (New): (Feature reques ... lphin inner windows proportions and positions
**Game Name?** [Put Game Name here] * ... .** Some windows (I mean, options window, wii remote window etc.) are too bulky for 720p m ... efiles, savestates)** [Anything else here] 09/29/2021 12:24 PM
Emulator Issues #12686 (New): [Android][Donke ... ed pounding makes the emulator "unresponsive"
Donkey Kong Country Returns [SF801][WBFS][MD5 ... d 10)] Shake controls controls: Nunchunk+Wiimote Shake Y+Z => Bluetooth Gamepad Button 105 (Right Trigger) (total 4 bindings, 1 button) 09/24/2021 05:00 AM
Emulator Issues #12672 (New): Bluetooth passthrough per game config (ini)
**What's the problem? Describe what went wron ... s. 2. Have some games you want to play with Wiimote and some you want to play with other con ... link so others and I can handle it next time. 09/16/2021 08:44 PM