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Emulator Issues #12455 (New): Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 Co-op Not Working
**Game Name?** [Lego Harry Potter Years 1- ... ntrols work fine because we are able to play wii sports co-op with no problems. We are not sure what the problem is, which is why I'm here. 03/22/2021 02:51 AM
Emulator Issues #12440 (New): Dolphin crashes ... game using OpenGL (macOS Big Sur, Rosetta 2)
**Game Name?** All of my games, but I'll use Wii Sports as an example. **Game ID?** (right clic ... ? Describe what went wrong.** When I launch Wii Sports, it popped up with a warning saying "MemoryM ... When I run version 5.0-13712, I try to open Wii Sports, and it immediately crashes. No error, no no ... are necessary, I'd be happy to provide them. 03/03/2021 02:11 AM
Emulator Issues #12394 (Questionable): Wii Sports resort pickup game B button not working
Game Name: Wii Sports Resort Game ID: RZTE01 (00010000525a5445) ... 6b3426ee2744272f2e83736b When playing Wii Sports Resort pickup game, pressing B does not work ... ly seems to be in pickup game. Open Wii Sports Resort, press AB to open up menu, go into ba ... X 1660 super, Mobo: ROG Strix B450-F N/A 01/25/2021 04:50 AM
Emulator Issues #12354 (New): Wii Motion Plus not working without "Enable Speaker Data"
**Game Name?** Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort **Game ID?** (right click the game ... estates)** When you do the calibration in Wii Sports Resort before starting golf, it will never f ... tion if "Enable Speaker Data" is not enabled. 12/21/2020 01:24 AM
Emulator Issues #12336 (New): Segfault when stopping after watching MPlus intro movie in Wii Sports Resort
**Game Name?** Wii Sports Resort **Game ID?** (right click the ga ... teps will reproduce the problem?** 1. Run Wii Sports Resort and make sure that it shows you Motio ... d non-jit backends for presence of crash yet. 12/06/2020 03:09 PM
Emulator Issues #12153 (New): Dolphin crashes on game exit if two USB Geckos are connected
**Game Name?** Any game (tested multiple g ... to Slot B 2. Start a game (I tested MKWii, Wii Sports and Wii Play and they all crashed). 3. Quit ... , more) Ubuntu 20.04, i9-9900K, RTX 2080Ti 06/14/2020 01:29 PM
Emulator Issues #12045 (New): Dolphin crashes when stopping emulation during movie recording
Affects various games (but not all behave in ... evolution (RPBE01, ): EXI_DeviceIPL error * Wii Sports (Rev 1, RSPE01, b6d6d751d4cad1880bee742594af ... icking "yes" or "ignore" causes a crash). Wii Sports does not crash, but there is a related-looki ... tive. This is likely to cause a desync. ``` 04/11/2020 12:45 AM
Emulator Issues #11942 (Questionable): Wii Sports resort Black Screen
**Game Name?** Wii Sports Resort (PAL) **Game ID?** (right click ... 7 4790k 16GB DDR3 GTX 970 Windows 10 x64 01/01/2020 05:35 PM
Emulator Issues #9105 (Questionable): Odd blue lines in Wii Sports Resort 'Archery'
**Game Name?** [Wii Sports Resort (EU)] **Game ID?** (right click ... iles)** [2 example screenshots are shown.] 11/19/2015 06:28 AM
Emulator Issues #7743 (Accepted): Various Action Replay Codes and Gecko Codes don't work
<b>What's the problem? Describe what went wro ... ode specific buttons don't activate the code. 10/11/2014 10:53 PM