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Emulator Issues #12023 (New): Monster hunter tri on latest dolphin has very blocky pixelation all over the screen, looks like fish scales.
**Game Name?** Monster Hunter 3 Tri **Game ID?** (right click the gam ... version, as soon as you move your character around the screen has a horrible blocky filter appl ... nd run this game, make a character and move around and you should notice immediately. Please ch ... le=FifoPlayer** So look at the mountains around the water and the water itself and the ice c ... iguration files, savefiles, savestates)** 03/24/2020 02:22 AM
Emulator Issues #11709 (Questionable): Hunter: The Reckoning has strange slowdown after 5.0-9869
**Game Name?** Hunter: The Reckoning **Game ID?** (right clic ... rong.** The game drops in performance to around 70-80% max speed when the camera pans low to ... d pan low and cause slowdown. This occurs on all backends. **Is the issue present in the l ... w is the spot that you can observe slowdowns. 05/03/2019 07:00 AM