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Emulator Issues #11484 (Questionable): Build 5.0.2462 Causes Animal Crossing and Zelda: Twilight Princess to crash
**Game Name?** [Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess] ... scribe what went wrong.** [Upon launching Animal Crossing, the game opens to the "Nintendo" splash logo, but before the audio clip of the Animal's voice saying Nintendo can play, the game c ... Use a custom stack with proper guard pages."] 12/12/2018 06:36 PM
Emulator Issues #11417 (New): Animal Crossing USA GameCube, Starman flashing bug
**Game Name?** [Animal Crossing USA GameCube] **Game ID?** (right click ... [when using the starman [item in house] in Animal Crossing GC the player dues not flash like Super Mari ... efiles, savestates)** [Anything else here] 10/11/2018 08:02 PM
Emulator Issues #9378 (New): Ultimate Codes - Animal Crossing Text Issue
**Game Name?** Ultimate Codes by Datel - G ... )** Software Renderer does not fix this. 02/26/2016 06:30 PM
Emulator Issues #9294 (New): TAS input randomly breaks for Wiimote input
This was brought to my attention by malleo on ... 557c1ca9f96f3d31.png) This shouldn't happen. 01/24/2016 07:46 AM