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Emulator Issues #11811 (New): Patch HLE Functions fails to patch some log functions when there are multiple functions with the same name
**Game Name?** Wii Fit (many games probabl ... went wrong.** "Patch HLE Functions" seems to not patch all of the functions. As far as I ... ched all of them, but then most of them fail to work, making it seem like they're just never ... de display. 4. Generate symbols from the signature database. 5. Observe that there are several ... messages are printed. (For Wii Fit, one way to get a message is to open the HOME menu, which causes `WUDStopSyncSimple()` to be printed; this shows that it did at least patch something. `WUDStopSyncSimple()` is printed from 800d6e14 by ca ... though.) 12. Rename the symbol at 8015aaac to printf. 13. Patch HLE functions a second time. 14. Observe that now, `WPADSetSamplingCallback()` is printed repeatedly, along with some other messages. (`WPADSetSamplingCall... 07/30/2019 06:05 AM
Emulator Issues #11727 (Questionable): Metroid Prime (gamecube) D3D11 thermal visor is not working
**Game Name?** Metroid Prime 1 (gamecube). ... at the very next frame again. If you choose to ignore it, the game plays fine, but there is no heatmap effect on thermal visor: hot items meant to become yellow and red, but everything is jus ... n about 10 seconds, the game have tendention to hung up for good. Using OpenGL or Vulcan ... e for other issues). Supposedly, it applies to X-Ray too, because they actually use the same effect. ... e latest development version.** Yes. Emulator version 5.0-10200. Also tested it on 10151. ... le. Screenshots showing what it is supposed to look like from either console or older builds of Dolphin will help too. For more information on how to use the fifoplayer, please check here: https ... om/s/u5aq7duzlxgboj9/MemoryCardA.USA.raw?dl=0 05/12/2019 11:48 PM
Emulator Issues #11716 (New): Donkey Kong Country Returns major stutters
**Game Name?** Donkey Kong Country Returns ... stutters in random intervals, although never back to back. I'm pretty sure that they aren't shader rel ... ll occurred. I also deleted the shader cache to see the shader gen stutter and they are very minor and don't come close to the random major stutters which last about 0 ... hin (1 year know I think) but never bothered to report it because it is not that game breaki ... stable version?** Yes, although it seemed to be less. Hard to know due to the random nature of the issue. **What are your PC specif ... ing System, more) I5 4670k, GTX1060, W10 05/06/2019 06:13 PM
Emulator Issues #11321 (Accepted): Scarface intros and cutscene transitions extremely slow
I wasn't sure whether to make a new issue or not, as this issue seems very similar to the Quantum of Solace pre-main menu issue, but since that hasn't been resolved, I've decided to make a new issue to let people know that this game also has this ... on my Wii before, and the Wii version seems to run without graphical bugs unlike PCSX2 or r ... reens do. The trailer and company logos seem to run fine. The issue also, more annoyingly, seems to be present for transitions between gameplay to cutscenes and vise versa. The game and cutscenes themselves run fine, but as soon as it fades to black in-between, the VPS slows down dramati ... crackles, and it takes multiple seconds just to get back into gameplay, making it highly annoying ... 08/03/2018 07:14 PM
Emulator Issues #11303 (New): Vulkan "failed to submit command buffer" crash with SoulCalibur 2 when any anti-aliasing is enabled
**Game Name?** SoulCalibur II (USA) **G ... 93f3f4f4e00d5a46443225c169c (I only have it stored as GCZ) **What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.** Dolphin throws the "failed to submit command buffer" error when entering t ... ll reproduce the problem?** 1. Use Vulkan backend 2. Enable *any* Anti-Aliasing option under "Enhancements" 3. Load into Weapon Master Chapter 2, Mission 2 (error will pop right after loading into the stage). **Is the issue present in the ... e version?** No, 5.0 stable has no Vulkan backend. **If the issue isn't present in the l ... sion by bisecting. Windows users can use the tool ... elopment-thread-unofficial-dolphin-bisection-tool-for-finding-broken-builds and anyone who i ... le. Screenshots showing what it is supposed to... 07/25/2018 08:59 PM
Emulator Issues #10963 (Accepted): GUN Animation/Music/Crash Issues.
**Game Name?** GUN **Game ID?** (right ... tself off like Resident Evil 2/3. Rigs tend to explode (I saw a horse collapse into itself,) crashes are possible to happen when lots of enemies are on screen. ... lso a possibility. More testing is required to narrow it down, but, given the nature and randomness, this will take time. **Wh ... version.** I tested 5.0-6605, and also went back to 5.0-186 to confirm the ARAM-DMA hack was activated for this game (it is.) Those builds do not seem to have music/ambience issues. **Is the issu ... e latest stable version?** Did not appear to in a quick check. I believe that ARAM-DMA H ... sion by bisecting. Windows users can use the tool ... elopment-thread-unofficial-dolphin-bisection-... 03/25/2018 09:21 PM
Emulator Issues #9510 (Fix pending): Add support for Metal for Dolphin on OSX
Since Apple seems to not be updated their support for OpenGL and ... GL and OpenCL hybrid, wouldn't it make sense to allow Dolphin to support it so that games will be able to use the updates that have been made to the emulator that require a newer version of OpenGL? Thi ... omething for Dolphin 5.0, but a good feature to consider so that games will function properly. 05/02/2016 11:10 PM
Emulator Issues #9229 (Accepted): Cannot exit fullscreen on Skylake Core-M with OpenGL (Confirm on Stop behind window)
**Game Name?** All tested (The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Disc, Mario Kart Double Dash, SSBB, Mario ... ? Describe what went wrong.** Upon trying to exit the game while in fullscreen mode (unde ... the game (although it makes the screen flash to black instead). Taking a screenshot displ ... the problem?** 1. Start game (with OpenGL backend) 2. Enter fullscreen mode 3. Hit the es ... ssue? If yes, which versions of Dolphin used to work?** I only tested OpenGL unless state ... X305CA/specifications/ Windows 10 Home Int ... LPDDR3 1866 MHz 256 GB SSD 13.3" 3200x1800 touchscreen display (250% scaling) Fanless ... can supply that will help, just let me know. 01/06/2016 12:22 AM