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Emulator Issues #11822 (Questionable): UI - OSD text is too small and not changeable.
In the current versions of Dolphin that use t ... the "Movie" tab is too small and the font cannot be changed. In the older WX versions of Dol ... was bigger, but the text size, font, and color could not be changed. This is an issue because the cu ... er 0 looks very similar to the number 8. Ideally, it would be possible to customize the font, the text size, the color, the placement, and choose to have the text ... , etc., similar to something like Microsoft Word. As of now, only the placement of the text can be changed. If the text cannot be made customizable, I think it would be g ... change the font so the number 0 and 8 look more different. I'm currently using Dolphin 5 ... l present in the current versions of Dolphin. 08/10/2019 09:33 PM
Emulator Issues #11761 (New): Arc Rise Fantasia crashes after the first tutorial battle
**Game Name?** Arc Rise Fantasia **G ... ton) d70eab544ac48ccd22a36457a4fa12d6 -- Note: I can't get the MD5 to match GameTDB no matter what I do. Other games that work perfectly don't match MD5, either. "Verify" returns no errors or problems though. **What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.** For this specific issue. In recent versions o ... ks up and throws up an IntCPU dialog that cannot be clicked or bypassed, even though it can be moved. Main Dolphin window is non-responsive. Task Manager to kill Dolphin is ... e completely locks up and throws a generic Abort/Retry/Ignore exception dialog. It does let you click the buttons, but Abor... 06/10/2019 08:45 PM
Emulator Issues #11652 (Accepted): Suggestion: Add option to lock mouse cursor to window when clicking in display window
Currently, if you are emulating the Wii remot ... , essentially making this unusable. You can work around this if you have just one screen con ... d go into fullscreen mode, but this is still not ideal. 03/31/2019 06:26 PM
Emulator Issues #11599 (New): Emulation can't be stopped while shaders are compiling
Dolphin 5.0-9697, Windows 10 Steps to reproduce: 1. Ensure "Compile Shaders Before Starting" is checked in the Graphics settin ... g, try to end emulation either by clicking X or Stop in the main window toolbar. 4. Click Y ... e emulation will end and Dolphin will behave normally again. Because shader compilation is a minutes-long process, ideally trying to end emulation during this time w ... cancel shader compilation and end emulation. 03/04/2019 11:52 PM
Emulator Issues #11480 (Questionable): Mario Kart Wii - Possible Issues With Wiimfi Code or Server Code
**Game Name?** [Wiimms MKW-Fun 2018-09.v3. ... fails. I opened logs and watched debug and I noticed many questionable error messages I am not sure how to deal with. I have included log file with as many ... aunch game again - Go to Wiimfi - Recieve Error Code 23915: Wiimmfi: Abuse of a console iden ... present in the latest development version? For future reference, please also write down the ... present in the latest stable version?** [No] **If the issue isn't present in the late ... ing. Windows users can use the tool and anyone who is buil ... ical issue, please attach screenshots and rec... 12/07/2018 12:45 AM
Emulator Issues #11475 (New): Exiting Dolphin on MacOS causes it to lock up; must be force-killed
**Game Name?** None - main UI issue. **Game ID?** (right cl ... e Dolphin on MacOS - either through the menu or Command-Q - it instantly locks up. It becomes unresponsive and stuck in the Dock until I initiate Force-Quit, which takes about 10 seconds and then returns an offer to submit a crash report. This occurs every single time, and without running any game or even taking any meaningful action in Dolphin. Literally, if I just open Dolphin, wait for the UI to load, and then request to exit, it ... present in the latest development version? For future reference, please also write down the ... rring on 5.0-9196. I've been a Dolphin user for about a month, and it has occurred on every ... resent in the latest stable version?** Unknown. **If the issue isn't present in the la ... ing. Windows users can use the tool https://f... 12/04/2018 02:00 PM
Emulator Issues #11141 (New): Resulting Files from Video Dumping Have Very Low Compatibility
**Game Name?** Any. **Game ID?** (rig ... ump is made using FFV1 the resulting file is not very compatible. Many players and applicati ... present in the latest development version? For future reference, please also write down the ... ing. Windows users can use the tool and anyone who is buil ... ical issue, please attach screenshots and record a three frame fifolog of the issue if possi ... is supposed to look like from either console or older builds of Dolphin will help too. For more information on how to use the fifoplayer, please check here: https://wiki.dolphin-emu.or... 05/19/2018 12:14 PM
Emulator Issues #11099 (New): Would it be possible to use KMS (kernel mode setting) to play dolphin-emu-nogui on a tty?
Seems like a nice idea, if probably a bit too much work if the codebase just uses desktop resources without testing if they're available first. 05/09/2018 08:15 PM
Emulator Issues #11087 (Accepted): Graphical glitch in Digimon World 4 - lines are showing up in the middle of text
**Game Name?** Digimon World 4 **Game ID?** GDJEB2 GDJJB2 (Jap ... .** Text shows a couple of lines that are not normally present, and the position of said line ... match with the ones shown in rendering like normal. Pitctures below, I've added yellow arro ... present in the latest development version? For future reference, please also write down the ... bug was already there. I've tested with the original 5.0 as well as 5.0-7179, it's still ha ... cifications?** (CPU, GPU, Operating System, more) i5 4590 16gb DDR3 Z97m-D3h AMD Radeo ... l as a Nvidia card when I had it). 120gb SSD 05/07/2018 12:05 AM
Emulator Issues #10965 (New): 5.0-6683 Android: Gecko codes cause crashing regardless of code/s.
Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess GZ2E01 ... Ubershader settings),I ran this game fine prior to enabling a Gecko code to test it and Action Replay works fine with Sonic Heroes and also OnFrame works too with Zelda TP for the Hyrule Field Speed Hack still being enab ... ause I never bothered to check if that just works without intervention. I even tried replac ... ed ones but still end up with app crashes before games can boot. Simply create the GZ2E01 ... codehandler.bin in the dolphin folder directory and add this code that uses a button activator then don't even press the button,the result ... ed Gecko code never being invoked via activator. [Gecko] $Lunk 283DD31A 00000020 043A3EF8 02D8FF00 [Gecko_Enabled] $Lunk I unfortunately don't kno... 03/26/2018 12:02 PM