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Emulator Issues #10711 (Accepted): Final Fantasy III (SNES) Needs EFB Real
**Game Name?** Final Fantasy III (SNES) **Game ID?** (right click the ... m, more) i7-6700K, GeForce 970, Windows 10 12/18/2017 08:52 AM
Emulator Issues #9915 (Accepted): Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Goblin Wall - Mogmail) Read/write error
**Game Name?** Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles **Game ID?** (right ... F/7f164a4fac.txt Can provide video if needed 11/28/2016 12:47 PM
Emulator Issues #9528 (New): Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GBA <-> GCN Issue
**Game Name?** [Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles] **Game ID?** (right ... ] 05/07/2016 02:14 PM
Emulator Issues #7098 (Accepted): GBA Connectivity Master Issue
For its time, The GameCube has a very unique ... their main hook. Four Swords Adventures and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles are well known multipla ... n also refer to this video for more details. 03/20/2014 10:07 AM