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Emulator Issues #9632 (New): Dolphin still op ... window even when launching from the command line
**What's the problem? Describe what went wron ... when you launch the program from its command line with /b /c /f /e. Because it shows its main list window, when you launch Dolphin from a frontend, you can see the window both before the e ... ishes closing. Dolphin needs another command line arg that allows it to run with no GUI at all so that frontends can launch it seamlessly. The command line arg could also force full screen mode and no ... pening the main window when launching from a frontend is that if someone presses inputs while D ... ch versions of Dolphin used to work?** Any 06/25/2016 02:58 PM
Emulator Issues #9373 (New): Depth issues on Mario Kart Double Dash
**Game Name?** Mario Kart Double Dash! ... y forcing slow depth doesn't have any effect. 02/24/2016 05:44 PM