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Emulator Issues #10571 (New): Kirby's Return to Dreamland - Invalid Instruction?
**Game Name?** Kirby's Return to Dreamland **Game ID?** (right click the game in t ... disassembles it to cmpwi cr1, r20, 2217 **Is the issue prese ... ent version.** Dolphin 5.0-5627, probably. 10/08/2017 10:56 PM
Emulator Issues #9246 (New): Wiimote input seems to use excessive CPU OS X
**Game Name?** Observed on all games, but most testing done with Kirby's Return to Dreamland **Game ID?** [SUKE01] **MD5 H ... taching Wiimotes either via the built in bluetooth stack or using the Mayflash Dolphin bar I ... start using one Wiimote, CPU usage increases to around 170%. Other interesting things to note: 1. Pausing the game using the Wiimote home button does not reduce CPU usage. 2. Pausing the game using the Dolphin "pause" toolbar button reduces CPU usage to 80% (switching back to Emulated Wiimote drops the CPU usage to 10%!) **What steps will reproduce the p ... yboard input) 2. Press the "Controllers" but... 01/10/2016 09:42 PM