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Emulator Issues #11324 (Accepted): Advance Ga ... estate Feature Does Not Work with GCI Folders
**Game Name?** Advance Game Port (2004 Datel) - GNHE5d Mario Golf - Advance Tour - AGB-BMGE-USA This featur ... that works in the Advance Game Port. I used Mario Golf in my test but any game works. Anyway, if ... eally you can't ask for a better way to play Mario Golf: Advance Tour on the big screen. But in t ... ent way too long searching for GBA gameIDs... 08/05/2018 06:59 AM
Emulator Issues #10450 (Accepted): CPU Clock Override feature fails to work under certain conditions
**What's the problem? Describe what went wron ... art the emulator Play a game (I was playing Mario Golf GFTE01) Return to GUI, enter config menu E ... our PC specifications?** Windows 10 x64 08/09/2017 06:08 PM
Emulator Issues #9341 (Questionable): Mario Golf Toadstool Tour opening movie displays incorrectly
**Game Name?** Mario Golf Toadstool Tour **Game ID?** GFTE01 ** ... t steps will reproduce the problem?** Start Mario Golf Toadstool Tour **Which versions of Dolphi ... ion files)** 02/15/2016 01:07 AM
Emulator Issues #9274 (New): Mario Golf (PAL only) suffers black blinking in the menus and matches with OpenGL mode and non-real XFB
Mario Golf Toadstool Tour PAL [GFTP01] MD5: a7506 ... steps will reproduce the problem?** Play Mario Golf on OpenGL mode. Don't set XFB to real. Go to ... ink no one wants to see a full black frame :P 01/18/2016 05:38 PM