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Emulator Issues #11381 (New): Unable to resolve read address warning Mario Strikers Charged Football during frame advance
**Game Name?** Mario Strikers Charged Football **Game ID?** (right click the ... tached warning while frame advancing through Mario Strikers Charged Football. **What steps will reproduce t ... -8250U NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Windows 10 09/06/2018 12:42 PM
Emulator Issues #9024 (Questionable): Add an ... ide correct aspect ratio/enable square pixels
**Game Name?** Any **Game ID?** (righ ... ant to be played with correct AR. Example is Mario Strikers Charged, see attached screenshot. Though these stret ... produce the problem?** Launch a game like Mario Strikers Charged or some other games with such a "right-wrong ... ull/2791 You can merge it, right? Please? :) 10/09/2015 12:34 AM