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Emulator Issues #11942 (New): Wii Sports resort Black Screen
**Game Name?** Wii Sports Resort (PAL) ... 7 4790k 16GB DDR3 GTX 970 Windows 10 x64 01/01/2020 05:35 PM
Emulator Issues #11858 (New): Mii faces and graph fail to load on Wii Fit Channel and Wii Fit Plus Channel
**Game Name?** System menu (where issue appears) Wii Fit (/ channel), Wii Fit Plus (/ channel) **Game ID?** RFNE01, RFPE01 **MD5 ... problem? Describe what went wrong.** The Mii Faces on the banner for the Wii Fit channel (next to "last played") and the graph and Mii faces on the opening screen fail to render, ... the problem?** First, set up the Wii Fit channel. You also need to have a Wii Fit account, s ... lick the settings button 3. Select "Install Channel" 4. Follow the prompts, and return to the W ... he issue: 1. Start Wii Fit or the Wii Fit Channel once (to capture Mii faces and such; this does not happen immedia ... Return to the Wii Menu 3. Observe that the channel banner is missing the Mii faces 4. Select the ... 09/16/2019 09:11 PM