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Emulator Issues #10975 (Work started): Mario ... DX11, Gives Shader Cache Error (or something)
**Game Name?** Mario Kart Wii (Currently) ... months now, Mario Kart Wii has been crashing my video driver... Sure enough, my GPU is ancient, but that is not happening wi ... report, which is kinda huge, because some of my favourite games required XFB FMVs, and now I ... working "fine" on current builds, aside from my own GPU not having the current requirements ... e earliest)... I don't like to keep crashing my GPU, since it's old and might actually die by doing that XD. 03/31/2018 04:48 AM
Emulator Issues #10556 (Accepted): Brunswick Zone: Cosmic Bowling is rendered wrong
**Game Name?** Brunswick Zone: Cosmic Bowl ... wrong on each backend. In D3D11 it's really zoomed in at different places and flashing black. It's bad enough it hurt my eyes trying to make it past the Wiimote warn ... NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Windows 7 64-bit 09/26/2017 12:35 AM