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Emulator Issues #11978 (Accepted): Nintendo Channel: "System file is corrupted"
**Game Name?** Nintendo Channel **Game ID?** (right click the game in t ... went wrong.** When attempting to load the Nintendo Channel, you will get a message saying the following: ~~~ The system file for the Nintendo Channel is corrupted. After deleting the Nintendo Channel from the Data Management screen, please download the Nintendo Channel from the Wii Shop Channel again. If the message still appears, visit ~~~ Enabling logs shows some NAND f ... ct to a working replacement server since the Nintendo Channel shut down over 6 years ago). **What steps will reproduce the problem?** Load the Nintendo... 02/11/2020 06:22 PM
Emulator Issues #11640 (Questionable): Bluetooth Passthrough Does Not Work
**Game Name?** Xenoblade Chronicles * ... I[COMMON]: Delete: file /home/gudenau/games/nintendo/wii/nand/tmp 21:13:312 Common/FileUtil.cpp:148 W[COMMON]: Delete failed: /home/gudenau/games/nintendo/wii/nand/tmp is a directory 21:13:312 Commo ... ]: DeleteDirRecursively: /home/gudenau/games/nintendo/wii/nand/tmp 21:13:312 Common/FileUtil.cpp: ... N]: DeleteDir: directory /home/gudenau/games/nintendo/wii/nand/tmp 21:13:312 Core/IOS/FS/HostBack ... 211 I[IOS_FS]: DeleteDir /home/gudenau/games/nintendo/wii/nand/tmp 21:13:312 Common/FileUtil.cpp: ... N]: CreateFullPath: path /home/gudenau/games/nintendo/wii/nand/tmp/ 21:13:312 Common/FileUtil.cpp ... N]: CreateDir: directory /home/gudenau/games/nintendo/wii/nand/tmp/ 21:13:312 Common/FileUtil.cpp ... N]: CreateFullPath: path /home/gudenau/games/nintendo/wii/nand/sys/ 21:13:312 Common/FileUtil.cpp ... ateFullPath: path exists /home/gudenau/games/... 03/26/2019 04:23 PM
Emulator Issues #10982 (New): Nintendo Channel Error Message
**Game Name?** Nintendo Channel **Game ID?** (right click the game in t ... perties, info tab, MD5 Hash: Compute) The channel is not in my game list, but only in my Wii m ... cribe what went wrong.** For Dolphin, the Nintendo channel displays an error message that does not appe ... of the error message: The system file of the Nintendo channel is faulty. Please delete the Nintendo Channel from the Channels Management screen first and then download the Nintendo Channel again from the Wii Shop Channel. Please visit if this message persists. I have perf ... ill reproduce the problem?** Download the Nintendo... 04/07/2018 10:08 AM
Emulator Issues #10200 (Accepted): News Channel and other WiiConnect24 titles can't download information
**Game Name?** News Channel, Forecast Channel, etc. **Game ID?** (right click the gam ... e) 7ccb0d36c06bc627adce8a0687279940 (News Channel USA v7) **What's the problem? Describe ... g.** On Dolphin, some of the WiiConnect24 channels can't download any information, even with t ... g it on in the Wii Settings and starting the channel back up will give you an error message if yo ... ying this file from a real Wii lets the News Channel boot up, but the "Last Updated" time will re ... ant to update the news. This also causes the Nintendo Channel to display a message about a corrupt system ... ll reproduce the problem?** Load the News Channel or Forecast Channel. They will give an error message about WC24 ... ** A screenshot of an error with Forecast Channel... 04/10/2017 01:24 AM