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Emulator Issues #11953 (New): Pink/green lines (Wii) and flashing pink/green screen (GC) in Resident Evil 4.
**Game Name?** Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Resident Evil 4 (affects NTSC-J versions too) **Game ID ... e what went wrong.** Default settings. In Wii version I have pink or green line at the bot ... ne at the bottom of the screen. Affects only Wii versions. Present almost constantly ingame. 3) Grey/brown screen flash. Both GC and Wii. Enable "immediately present XFB". The most ... hen shaders are being processed. Both GC and Wii. Enable "immediately present XFB". Talk to d ... latest stable version?** Green/pink line (Wii) plus flashing pink/green screen (GC) appear ... itle=FifoPlayer** Added a screenshot from Wii. These issues are extremely easy to reproduc ... ore) Core i7 920, GTX760, Win7 64, 8GB RAM 01/16/2020 12:04 AM