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Emulator Issues #11871 (New): Since 5.0-10918 ... as Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl in the updater.exe
**Game Name?** - **Game ID?** (right ... Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl in the updater.exe 10/01/2019 03:51 PM
Emulator Issues #11868 (New): Memory Breakpoint doesn't catch if Instruction Breakpoint is at same location
I'm attempting to debug Riivolution, set a br ... ot_131). Some program flow must be messed up. 09/29/2019 02:45 AM
Emulator Issues #11867 (New): DJ Hero 2 hangs ... f you don't cancel, no hang and online works.
**Game Name?** DJ Hero 2 **Game ID?** ... l i7-4720HQ Nvidia GTX 860M Windows 10 1903 09/28/2019 06:15 PM
Emulator Issues #11865 (New): Mii Maker Graphic Glitches (hair glitches, no bodies only heads)
**Game Name?** [Mii Maker] **What's t ... ne aside from these weird graphical glitches] 09/25/2019 02:12 AM
Emulator Issues #11863 (Accepted): Nicktoons Unite! (USA)
**Game Name?** Nicktoons Unite! (USA) ... 5.0-6860 (here the box is black, but in the same place as the blur) Everything works fine i ... file for this game is specifically modified). 09/24/2019 03:50 AM
Emulator Issues #11862 (New): DJ Hero hangs when connecting online (works on console)
**Game Name?** DJ Hero **Game ID?** (ri ... cessfully connects online on a real console (same console NAND used in Dolphin). The servers ... i7-4720HQ Nvidia GTX 860M Windows 10 1903 09/22/2019 11:54 PM
Emulator Issues #11857 (New): GFEE01 hangs at startup with dualcore enabled since 5874 (hybrid xfb)
**Game Name?** Fire Emblem: Path of Radian ... ier versions, so although this issue has the same fix as #7143, I believe it to be a distinct ... ization is pretty low when this occurs (<6%). 09/16/2019 02:40 AM
Emulator Issues #11856 (New): Star Fox Advent ... g Audio Cutscene, First Time At Krazoa Palace
**Game Name?** [Star Fox Adventures] ... walk to the warpstone and goto krazoa palace] 09/15/2019 09:04 PM
Emulator Issues #11855 (New): "Failed to submit command buffer" error on Jetson Nano
**Game Name?** Kirby Air Ride Phantasy St ... ) Jetson Nano Developer Kit SoC: Tegra X1 09/15/2019 01:56 PM
Emulator Issues #11852 (New): 30fps games los ... 60hz displays (stutters/frame pacing issues)
**Game Name?** Super Mario Sunshine, Zelda ... - Played on Windows 7 (older drivers) and a Samsung TV at 60hz. - Played on Windows 10 (new ... - Played on Windows 10 (new drivers) and a Samsung TV at 60hz. - Played on Windows 7 havin ... the a DELL 240hz PC monitor at 60hz. Did the same on Windows 10. - Played on Windows 7 having both displays connected but using the Samsung TV at 60hz. Did the same on Windows 10. - Tried all back-ends with ... ld 4:3 LCD monitor at 60hz and there was the same behavior. - Locked Dolphin's frame rate at ... t Operating Systems and 3 different monitors. 09/10/2019 07:33 PM