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Emulator Issues #11910 (Fix pending): Just Da ... he emulated console has internet connectivity
**Game Name?** Just Dance 2 Just Dance 3 J ... laying and only a forced shutdown (clicking Stop button twice) can stop the emulation. **Just Dance 2014/2015/2016/ ... file, click on the Dancer Card option at the top-left portion of the main menu and create a n ... pter(s) or enabling airplane mode if on a laptop; * Deleting `clientca.pem`, ` ... e any freeze or hang. I don't own any of the spin-off or compilation Just Dance games so I can ... ome point they had online related features... 11/27/2019 08:54 PM
Emulator Issues #10184 (New): Wii U Pro controller crash macOS Sierra
**Game Name?** Super Mario Galaxy **G ... d6bc8000 - 0x7fffd6cd9fff (1.11.5 - 1.11.5) <5712EC1F-FD2B-3F8 ... FEDE4> /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DesktopServicesPriv.framework/Versions/A/DesktopServicesPriv 0x7fffd6fbf000 - 0x7fff ... 0x7fffdfd93000 - 0x7fffdfd94ff3 libspindump.dylib (231.3) <6808937E-7AF7-3BC1-B84F-FDA6DCB012BE> /usr/lib/libspindump.dylib 0x7fffdfd95000 - 0x7fffdf ... bolt Bus: MacBook Pro, Apple Inc., 15.12 ~~~ 04/05/2017 12:22 AM
Emulator Issues #4564 (Accepted): Lag while running games from DVD.
<b>What's the problem?</b> Many games are to ... is the same that is happening in the Dolphin. 06/05/2011 05:57 AM