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Emulator Issues #11858 (New): Mii faces and graph fail to load on Wii Fit Channel and Wii Fit Plus Channel
**Game Name?** System menu (where issue appears) Wii Fit (/ channel), Wii Fit Plus (/ channel) **Game ID?** RFNE01, RFPE01 **MD5 Hash?** Wii Fit: f3a74ecfd4236156a62f7fb5170128ad Wii Fit Plus: f0b64a98090267c9450243ea557ba399 ... ng.** The Mii Faces on the banner for the Wii Fit channel (next to "last played") and the grap ... eproduce the problem?** First, set up the Wii Fit channel. You also need to have a Wii Fit account, so it may be easiest to do this on ... phin that things go wrong). 1. Insert the Wii Fit disc 2. Click the settings button 3. Selec ... l" 4. Follow the prompts, and return to the ... 09/16/2019 09:11 PM
Emulator Issues #11811 (New): Patch HLE Funct ... ere are multiple functions with the same name
**Game Name?** Wii Fit (many games probably work, but it can be reproduced in an obvious way with Wii Fit) **Game ID?** RFNE01 **MD5 Hash?** ... ps will reproduce the problem?** 1. Start Wii Fit. 2. Pause the game. 3. Enable the debuggin ... erve that few/no messages are printed. (For Wii Fit, one way to get a message is to open the HOM ... Pro (Insider preview) 10.10.18362 Build 18362 07/30/2019 06:05 AM
Emulator Issues #11064 (New): Request: Improv ... utdown, per-dolphin session, per-game session
**Explanation** I'm doing some logging for ... large The improvements below should benefit the existing File Logging Mode the most, but ... te: file C:/SpecialPrograms/Dolphin-x64/User/Wii/tmp 01:05:571 FileUtil.cpp:142 W[COMMON]: Delete failed: C:/SpecialPrograms/Dolphin-x64/User/Wii/tmp is a directory 01:05:571 FileUtil.cpp:4 ... rsively: C:/SpecialPrograms/Dolphin-x64/User/Wii/tmp 01:05:571 FileUtil.cpp:238 I[COMMON]: D ... irectory C:/SpecialPrograms/Dolphin-x64/User/Wii/tmp 01:05:571 IOS\FS\HostBackend\FS.cpp:214 ... eleteDir C:/SpecialPrograms/Dolphin-x64/User/Wii/tmp 01:05:571 FileUtil.cpp:201 I[COMMON]: C ... th: path C:/SpecialPrograms/Dolphin-x64/User/Wii/tmp/ 01:05:572 FileUtil.cpp:168 I[COMMON]: ... irectory C:/SpecialPrograms/Dolphin-x64/User/Wii/tmp/ 01:05:572 FileUtil.cpp:396 I[COMMON]: ... irectory C:/SpecialPrograms/Dolphin-x64/User/Wii... 05/03/2018 10:10 PM
Emulator Issues #10128 (Accepted): Just Dance 2/3/4 issues with multiple DLC songs
Big issue report incoming! **Game Name?** ... a different folder on the NAND (e.g. normal Wii save files generally goes to User\Wii\title\00010000\<game ID in hex>, the DLCs from those games goes to User\Wii\title\00010005\<game ID in hex starting with ... 5 for Just Dance 4, for example) inside User\Wii\ticket\00010005, the games won't "see" any D ... DLCs are corrupted and you need to go to the Wii Shop to redownload them if you move this fil ... eated multiple "content" folders inside User\Wii\title\00010005\<game ID in hex> (e.g. conten ... store following the Nintendo WFC shutdown... 02/28/2017 04:34 AM
Emulator Issues #8413 (New): Per game keybinds would be useful
<b>Game Name?</b> N/A <b>Game ID?</b> N/ ... went wrong in few words.</b> Some games benefit from unorthodox keybinds (wiimote mouse emulation for example, or if my ot ... nshots,</b> <b>configuration files)</b> N/A 03/28/2015 08:43 AM