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Emulator Issues #11988 (Fix pending): Resizin ... s stick circles to jump and deform into ovals
**What's the problem? Describe what went wron ... hat steps will reproduce the problem?** - Menu - Movie - TAS Input - In the Wii dialog, notice that the IR isn't a square, a ... , savestates)** Screen recording attached. 02/17/2020 10:06 AM
Emulator Issues #11985 (New): Wii System Transfer Startup
**Game Name?** Wii System Transfer **Game ID?** (right cli ... t went wrong.** So I Wanted To try if the wii system transfer app needs the same "SetUid" as the wii u transfer tool and it seems that it needs some configuration to the code to work on the vwii app but i do expect that it uses a similar "SetUid" like the wii u transfer tool... Using A Dumped vWii NAND with the vanila 4.3 Wii sysmenu. **What steps will reproduce the problem?** Start Wii System Transfer (Happend before on the Wii U Transfer Tool Before the "SetUid" Fix) ... efiles, savestates)** [Anything else here] 02/16/2020 06:14 PM
Emulator Issues #11979 (New): Wii Message Board not converting image from JPEG to proprietary AJPG format.
**Game Name?** Photo Channel / Wii Menu **Game ID?** (right click the game in t ... HAYA01 (Photo Channel) / 0000000100000002 (Wii Menu) **MD5 Hash?** (right click the game in ... om the Photo Channel from the SD Card to the Wii Message Board, the resulting image is just a ... message with a JPEG in it that's sent to the Wii Message Board. The problem seems to be th ... the image to the compressed format that the Wii Message Board uses into its proprietary AJPG ... t. 2. Go to Post, and send the photo to the Wii Message Board. 3. Go to the Wii Menu and check the Wii Message Board. The picture appears black and ... A screenshot is attached of this problem. 02/11/2020 06:36 PM
Emulator Issues #11974 (New): Can't easily reconnect emulated controller inside Wii Home menu
When pressing reconnect inside the Wii remote settings in the Wii home menu, the emulated controller gets disconnected l ... ng to reconnect using 1 & 2 Dolphin says the Wii remote is connected again but it doesn't connected to the emulated Wii. About 1,5 minute later, the emulated Wii remote does connect to the emulated Wii. Shutting down the emulated Wii seems to trigger something as the emulated Wii connects to the Wii remote. Though this worked only a few times. When Dolphin is connected to a remote but the Wii isn't, shutting down the Wii takes a lot longer. This also with the l ... with 5.0. I'm using a DS4 on Windows 10. 02/08/2020 01:59 AM
Emulator Issues #11969 (New): FPRF setting cannot be changed after boot
**Game Name?** F-Zero GX **Game ID?** ... ** When loading F-Zero GX from the system menu by changing disc to it and then going to the ... From Dolphin's main screen: Tools > Load Wii System Menu 4.3E. Accept health/safety warning. Go bac ... in and launching the game through the System Menu. **What are your PC specifications?** (CP ... efiles, savestates)** [Anything else here] 02/02/2020 09:30 PM
Emulator Issues #11953 (New): Pink/green lines (Wii) and flashing pink/green screen (GC) in Resident Evil 4.
**Game Name?** Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Resident Evil 4 (affects NTSC-J ver ... e what went wrong.** Default settings. In Wii version I have pink or green line at the bot ... on screen flashes pink when I quit inventory menu. If I check hack "immediately present XFB", ... . Grey or brown screen flashes when I change menus or a scene in the game changes. Plus when s ... ne at the bottom of the screen. Affects only Wii versions. Present almost constantly ingame. 3) Grey/brown screen flash. Both GC and Wii. Enable "immediately present XFB". The most ... hen shaders are being processed. Both GC and Wii. Enable "immediately present XFB". Talk to d ... latest stable version?** Green/pink line (Wii) plus flashing pink/green screen (GC) appear ... itle=FifoPlayer** Added a screenshot from Wii. These issues are extremely easy to reproduc ... ore) Core i7 920, GTX760, Win7 64, 8GB RAM 01/16/2020 12:04 AM
Emulator Issues #11952 (Accepted): Regression in launching Gamecube games from Wii Menu
**Game Name?** The Legend of Zelda: The Wi ... when launching Wind Waker from the emulated wii menu. **What steps will reproduce the problem?** Launch Wind Waker from the emulated wii menu. **Is the issue present in the latest dev ... X560Ti, the other is an i5-7200U + GTX950M. 01/14/2020 01:29 AM
Emulator Issues #11947 (Accepted): DTM replays unable to handle Wii remotes reconnecting
**Game Name?** Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing ... While I think this also applies to when a Wii remote reconnects after being idle too long, the DTM files don't play back when a Wii remote is connected. In Sonic and Sega, the game disconnects the second player Wii remote when you're in the menu and doesn't let you reconnect until you ente ... e replay file doesn't keep track of when the Wii remote is reconnected, the replay will alway ... roblem?** Start recording a replay with 2 Wii remotes connected and go to the player selection screen, pick a character with the second Wii remote and then try playing back the input. ... he latest stable version?** Present in 5.0 01/10/2020 10:41 PM
Emulator Issues #11942 (New): Wii Sports resort Black Screen
**Game Name?** Wii Sports Resort (PAL) **Game ID?** (right ... Note: Tested using bluetooth passtrough with wii's real bluetooth chip. **What steps wi ... 7 4790k 16GB DDR3 GTX 970 Windows 10 x64 01/01/2020 05:35 PM
Emulator Issues #11930 (New): NAND backup serial number import not working properly
**Game Name?** Doesn't really matter (happens with all Wii games), but I tested with Mario Kart Wii. **What's the problem? Describe what wen ... ch is required for online play in Mario Kart Wii on Wiimmfi), in theory, the "console identity" the ... rver (if Dolphin was perfectly emulating the Wii, and if the user entered his Wii's MAC address into the Dolphin.ini file prop ... in, there are (worst case) five, one for the Wii, and one for each region in Dolphin. I ... cpp` there is a function called `CBoot::SetupWiiMemory`, which checks the game region and cre ... egion, meaning, that if a player connects to Wiimmfi with games from four different regions, ... different consoles (which does not happen on Wii). **Summary** A) Importing a NAND bac ... ent regions. Also, this bloats up the user's ... 12/14/2019 04:29 PM