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Emulator Issues #12485 (New): Cheat Codes not activated when software run from Wii Home Menu
**Game Name?** Any game opened from the Wii Home Menu instead of the Dolphin Browser **Game I ... work as expected. However, when run from the Wii Home Menu, the Cheat Codes don't activate. **What steps will reproduce the problem?** Open the Wii Home Menu from the tools tab within Dolphin, change th ... s selected, and start the game from the home menu. The cheats won't be activated. **Is the ... vefiles, savestates)** Tested on multiple Wii Games, shown to be consistent 04/14/2021 01:54 AM
Emulator Issues #12470 (Accepted): Performing initial console setup on System Menu 2.0 through 3.0 hangs on a black screen after setting everything up
**Game Name?** System Menu **What's the problem? Describe what went ... When performing initial setup on old system menu versions, the menu hangs on a black screen after finishing the setup instead of rebooting into the menu. Stopping and then starting emulation loads the menu as intended. This does not apply to version ... io (USA revision 0), which comes with System Menu 2.0 on the disc. It probably is possible to ... he update finishes, select Tools → Load Wii System Menu 2.0U. 4. Select a country, then press OK, t ... e:-32004---32007)). Either way, it's System Menu 2.0 that matters, so don't update). 6. Select OK on the error screen, and then select Wii Menu. 7. The system will hang on a black screen. ... be that's what happened.) I tested System ... 04/01/2021 02:58 AM
Emulator Issues #12456 (New): Booting a Wii Disc then going to Home Menu fails with "An Error has Occured"
**Game Name?** Any Wii Game (Tested with Wii Play and Wii Music) **Game ID?** (right click the game in the game list, Properties, Info tab) Any Wii Game (Tested with Wii Play and Wii Music) **MD5 Hash?** (right click the g ... Verify tab, Verify Integrity button) Any Wii Game (Tested with Wii Play and Wii Music) **What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.** While having the Wii Menu installed from Perform System Update, launching a Wii game from Dolphin and going to the Wii Menu shows an error where the disc cannot be read ... will reproduce the problem?** 1. Install Wii... 03/22/2021 03:35 PM
Emulator Issues #12454 (Questionable): Unplugging a controller from port 1 of a Wii U adapter causes a temporary freeze exclusively in Eternal Darkness
**Game Name?** [Eternal Darkness Sanity's ... [Unplugging the controller in port 1 on a Wii U adapter(Mayflash version used) or using th ... if the game demo has been started(not in the menu or trailers). Tested 27 other games includin ... problem?** [Start Eternal Darkness with a Wii U adapter connected and unplug the port 1 co ... uration files, savefiles, savestates)** [] 03/19/2021 01:43 AM
Emulator Issues #12425 (New): Mac M1 Controller input not registering (Dualshock 4)
**Game Name?** [Put Game Name here] Not g ... . Unknown whether this rumor holds any weight 02/20/2021 02:07 PM
Emulator Issues #12422 (Accepted): Dolphin bar issues
So I just got my Mayflash Dolphinbar (with la ... rom Apr 1,2017) and it generally connects my Wiimots to the Dolphin with no problem, but the ... ese issues only occur with games, not in the Wii System Menu Checked in the last Dev version 5.0-13671 ... 02/18/2021 03:56 AM
Emulator Issues #12417 (Accepted): Netplay do ... a game's TMD before importing its save data
**Game Name?** any Wii game **Game ID?** (right click the game ... problem? Describe what went wrong.** When Wii save syncing is enabled, netplay can import a save without making sure the TMD exists. Our WiiSave code normally enforces the requirement t ... exists. However, the netplay related code in WiiRoot works around that check by creating the ... 0464e51a64c6d90fca15bd9af80/Source/Core/Core/WiiRoot.cpp#L317-L320 This naturally causes the system menu to break. NAND check should also be fixed ... est stable version?** No (5.0 didn't have Wii save syncing) 02/14/2021 01:31 PM
Emulator Issues #12412 (New): Emulated Wiimote tilt is incorrect since 5.0-11301
**Game Name?** [Excite Truck] / [ExciteBots] / Any games that use horizontal wiimote and tilt as main input for steering/mane ... not 'level' on initialisation. The emulated Wiimote pulls to the right when not touching any ... ntrols for horizontal driving game (emulated wiimote, no nunchuck), start game, click through menus to begin level/race, don't touch anything ( ... es:] 02/11/2021 12:18 AM
Emulator Issues #12402 (New): Wii Motion Plus Add-on going crazy
**What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.** So I was trying to set up my Wii Remote to Dolphin and wanted the pointer without the Dolphin Bar, so I put my Wii Motion Plus into my remote, and when it tried loading the Wii menu, it wouldn't appear, even after re-centring ... y add-on, but it seemed to work fine with my Wii. **What steps will reproduce the problem?** Connect Wii Remote as emulated Wii Remote, Config, motion input **Is the iss ... or touch input is available for this display 02/03/2021 10:03 AM
Emulator Issues #12394 (Questionable): Wii Sports resort pickup game B button not working
Game Name: Wii Sports Resort Game ID: RZTE01 (0001000052 ... 6b3426ee2744272f2e83736b When playing Wii Sports Resort pickup game, pressing B does n ... ly seems to be in pickup game. Open Wii Sports Resort, press AB to open up menu, go into basketball>pickup game, play game, ... X 1660 super, Mobo: ROG Strix B450-F N/A 01/25/2021 04:50 AM