06:20 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #10225: Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II - FMVs don't play
Have you tried setting External Frame Buffer to "Real"? A staggering portion of the GC/Wii library requires that for ...


01:56 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #9942 (Accepted): Wii VC Ocarina of Time - EFB to RAM isn't enabled in the .ini
leoetlino wrote:
> You need EFB to RAM for that screen to display properly. It's already enabled in the GameINI for ...
12:52 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #9942 (Working as intended): Wii VC Ocarina of Time - EFB to RAM isn't enabled in the .ini
It's not a matter of internal resolution, unfortunately (and we handle cases like that anyway if you have XFB enabled...


09:48 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #9866: MacOS toolbar missing
Issue exists on 10.11.6 too. Quite jarring.


11:16 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #9365 (Duplicate): Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Crash when asking the person about shine sprites


09:28 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #9320 (New): Hotkeys - Modifier keys inconsistencies
Okay, never mind, I indeed misread that – the "LShift & F1" case definitely shouldn't be accepting the LShift or F1 k...


12:45 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #9320 (Working as intended): Hotkeys - Modifier keys inconsistencies
I can see how this would be confusing, but it's not at all inconsistent – why would you expect two different logic op...


12:04 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #9171 (Accepted): Emergency get-out-of-fullscreen key
Hey, look, a new feature request that makes sense. That's rare.
Let's just hardcode Esc to always get us out of fu...


11:43 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #9165 (New): Real-Wiimotes disconnect if two configured but one is used
I'm gonna assume JMC misread things here. You can't "set" remotes without connecting them on real console, and random...


02:52 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #9143: Add "Hotkey" icon to toolbar
Not every user-generated idea is a good idea. Like, really, this saves you a click and some mouse movement, but it gi...

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