06:34 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #8291: Exclusive fullscreen blacks out other monitors
Jules, it seems with your version the issue only occurs when Dolpin is in pause mode (F10 shortcut) when alt tabbing,...
10:39 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #8291: Exclusive fullscreen blacks out other monitors
When you alt+tab, the program with exclusive fullscreen changes. That is why I assume Dolphin still works, if Starcra...


03:11 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #8291 (Fixed): Exclusive fullscreen blacks out other monitors
Play Dolphin in exclusive fullscreen. Try alt tabbing to StarCraft II, also running in exclusive fullscreen. The scre...


01:50 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #7278 (Fixed): Super Smash Bros Brawl textures replaced with text when using EFB to texture DirectX 11
<b>Game Name?</b>
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
<b>Game ID?</b>
<b>What's the problem? Describe what went wr...


09:33 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #6262: DVDRoot option does not work with Brawl (RSB?)
I've tried the DVD root option with a few games on Dolphin 3.5-1156, but they all just crash Dolphin with black scree...


07:22 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #6050 (Fixed): Screen freezes (game still running) when windows 8 warns about program trying to run
When some program tries to run (in my case, Java update checker was the cause both times), Windows 8 will hide what y...


02:51 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #5045: Bad CPU core count detection - only affects LTtC / OpenMP
Very wrong core detection on my Dell XPS 15z with i7-2640M. It's dual core with 4 logical threads, but Dolphin says 4...


10:18 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #3618: Missing Grpahics and Slow Emulation
If you're gonna report missing graphics, tell what is missing, and provide a screenshot... also, slowness isn't an "i...


10:26 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #3609: Problem with control in game cube
I've encountrered this problem myself, (holding the R button registers as multiple presses in Zelda four swords). Sin...


01:51 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #3378: Opening the Dx9 gfx configuration window while a game is running, resets the gfx options to what's in the game's ini
Woops lol I meant r6295...

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